10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss – Weight Loss fruits

Best fruits for weight loss

Best fruits for weight loss in Nigeria are those fruits rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients with low fat and calories but packload with nutrients.

Fruits are sweet and also stimulate appetite and we all love it, but when it comes to the issue of fruits for weight loss not all the fruits fail into this category, some fruits are wonderful but, not good for weight loss. 

Diet rich in fruits make you healthier and also help you lose weight and maintain good glycemic index for those that are diabetic, lowers blood pressure and improves lipid profile. So therefore, practical steps should be taken to ensure effective weight loss and maintain normal weight thereafter.

However, some fruits can suppress appetite and equally reduce craving thereby causing you to eat fewer calories in return, so why not go straight for such fruits.

Best fruits for weight loss in Nigeria

The following fruits are known to the best when it comes to weight loss and how to lose belly fat or you can call it flat tummy fruits.


best fruits for weight loss

Lemon is a good detoxifier, guard against water retention in the body, very good for weight loss and flat stomach. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning before food makes you full, boost metabolism rate and increase weight loss.

Lemon water is very effective when used as low-calorie substitute for high beverage calories.


Best fruits for weight loss

They said an apple a day keeps doctor away from you? Some fruits are best eating on an empty stomach like apple, it boosts metabolism and activate the digestive system.

Research has shown that eating whole apple is better than juiced apple the dietary fiber help reduces appetite and controls hunger, so snack on apple rather than junk foods



Pears are high in fiber and have low-calories which make it perfect for weight loss since it helps curb craving.

Research has also found that pear lowers cholesterol level which certainly reduces excess weight gain on the other hand, it also protects the heart.



Berries are rich in vitamins and fiber, berries are usually small sweet or sour with great health benefits, is among the best fruits for weight loss, since it able to combat fat cells from forming.

Berries contain polyphenols a chemical compound that improves brain function, digestion, lower blood sugar levels, it also protects heart disease, blood clots and certain type of cancers.



Grapefruits have fat-burning enzymes that promote weight loss as well as achieve a good result by not starving yourself and maintain a normal weight.

These fruits have a sour and tangy taste, a glass of this drink right before meal fills you up with few-calories, rich in vitamin A and C also.



Avocado is rich in omega-9 fatty acid, contains about 80 calories on a serving of 50g, the fat in avocado is monounsaturated fat MUFA, which help regulate blood sugar, boost metabolism and reduce belly fat.  



Kiwi is small but mighty when it comes to fascinating weight loss; it contains carnitine which is best known as fat burner, energy producing furnaces in cells, it aids the fatty acid to be used as energy, in the same vein, blocks the conversion of excess into fat thru insulin.  



Watermelon is one of the best fruits for weight loss; it has low calorie content with lots of water. Similar, it has diuretic effect because of the high water content.

Watermelon keeps you hydrated makes you feel full, it an excellent source of fiber and maintains a healthy heart which is perfect for optimal body function.



Cucumber promotes fast and healthy weight loss, low-calorie content, zero fat, perfect snacks for those on weight loss program.

Basically, it can be included in your smoothies, salad, and soups.


best fruits for weight loss

Papaya or paw-paw contains papain a kind of enzyme that boosts food digestion in the body best weight loss fruits; it is also diuretic and high in fiber with low calories.

Paw paw is rich in vitamin C. flavonoids, and antioxidant that helps in detoxification, so diet more on papaya.


Finally weight loss is not an easy task to accomplish hence; there should be adequate provision and full commitment in other to achieve great results.

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