How to Make Almond Oil and It’s Health Benefits

How to Make Almond Oil
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There are different ways on how to make almond oil, homemade almond oil is very easy to make while it still retains natural essential nutrient without being over-processed.

In Nigeria, almond nut is not common though it can be found when compared with groundnut, walnut, and cashew nuts that can be easily found in most part of Nigeria.

However, almond can be eaten as whole nuts, make into non-dairy milk, grounded into powdered flour or be extracted as oil for skin, hair, and cooking.

Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil is loaded with lots of benefits for hair, skin, and health they are as follows:-

  • Almond oil rejuvenates skin and very effective for skin Lightening.
  • It reduces skin irritation and combats itching and swelling in the skin
  • Magical oil reduces dark circles in the eye and swollen
  • It protects the heart and boosts cardiovascular health
  • This oil is very effective in the treatment of dandruff
  • Very good for the brain cells as it improves your learning abilities
  • Promotes effective weight loss
  • It helps in the treatment and management of diabetes
  • It also aids digestive health
  • Very effective for quality hair care and growth
  • Can also be used to treat ear infection
  • Helps reduce the spread of stretch mark
  • Improves hardness of nail and brittle nails
  • A very good natural makeup remover
  • Also, use for aromatherapy
  • Use as quality revitalized face oil  

How to make Almond oil

There are basically 2 methods of extracting almond oil but, we are using the blending the method with olive oil.


  • 2 cups of raw almond nuts
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A blender
  • Strainer
  • Plastic container or Jar

Method of preparations

  1. Step 1; pour in the almond nut into a blender
  2. Step ; start blending from low speed to high speed, the add in the olive oil as soon as you notice the consistency is so thick, then continue to blend until smooth.
  3. Step 3; scoop out the paste into your container or jar
  4. Step 4; allow sitting for 2 weeks, at the end of 2 weeks, you will notice the oil floating on top while the paste settles down
  5. Step 4; use a strainer and drain the oil out of the container into a bottle and always store in a room temperature.

Your magical oil is ready for use.

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