Igbo Traditional Wedding Igba Nkwu Nwanyi

Igbo traditional wedding also known as Igba nkwu Nwanyi is an age long tradition in the Igbo land. whereby a suitor/bridegroom is compelled to officially pay a visit to the parents of the bride with a specified quantity of wine comprising of palm-wine, soft drinks and cola-nuts furthermore, list of order things on the fixed date. The palm wine and cola-nut are shared according to the constitution of the clan where the woman comes from. The bridegroom is accompanied by his parents, relations friends, and well-wishers.

Traditional wedding

Before the advent of Christianity, traditional wedding Igba nkwu nwanyi was the ultimate celebration and once done, the woman is considered to have certified the demands in marriage tradition.

But after the arrival of Christianity it was made compulsory that, the couples will have to do the church wedding before they are confirmed husband and wife.

Traditional wedding dress: The Igbo women wears beautiful George wrapper, lace blouse and (Gele) headgear, her dressing also include coral beads. Meanwhile the men uses a regalia called south-south or Isi-Agu top with a pair of trouser, a cap, bead and walking stick.

Food served in Igbo traditional weddings

  • Jollof rice with salad
  • Bitter leaf soup with fufu (Akpo)
  • Ukwa Breadfruit
  •  African salad with oil bean (Ugba/Ukpaka
African Salad

Drink for the day in traditional wedding

  • Palm wine
  • Soft drinks
  • Malt drink

The ceremony keeps off on the set date with lots of activities like when the bride is ask to come out to exchange pleasantries with the families of her would be husband and other guest at the occasion. At this point she will match out with entourage other beautiful maidens that will accompany her

Thereafter she is been ask to identify who is actually her husband by presenting a glass of palm wine to the man she chooses to marry. In the midst of the crowd she will search for him, on reaching him she goes down on her knees and offer the wine to the groom who in return accepts and drinks it showing his wiliness and affection towards her as th wife.

Dancing Time

The couples dance to different songs and sweet melody similarly friends family and well-wishers spray them money to congratulate there effort.


Entertainment of guest as well as grooms family start immediately, every individual is been served their favorite meal prepared for the occasion.

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