Cooking Green plantains- Unripe Plantain Porridge Recipe

Cooking green plantains

Unripe plantain porridge is basically another way of cooking green plantains in Nigerian; plantains are staple food in most part of the world, green plantains contain quite a number of healing properties compared to the ripe ones. Cooking green plantains by steaming, frying or boiling is a healthy and delicious… Continue reading

Pepper Steak – How to make Pepper Steak Recipe

pepper steak

Pepper steak is a delicious dish simply packed with spicy flavors and very easy to cook, this Chinese pepper steak recipe becomes tender after cooking, you can never go wrong with this recipe. When thinking of what to serve for dinner pepper steak stir fry or pepper steak instant pot… Continue reading

Nigerian Breakfast food with Benefits – Akara and Pap

Breakfast food

Popular Nigerian breakfast food akara and pap are stapled food; akara is a fried bean cake while pap is processed maize when prepared with boiled water turns into a slightly liquid form. Meanwhile, Pap is also called akamu, ogi, or koko in different Nigerian dialect, on the other hand, akara… Continue reading

Best Tofu Recipe – How to Make Tofu Beske/Wara

best tofu

Best Tofu recipe is a very good source of protein particularly for vegetarians and vegans, in Nigeria, tofu is pure vegetarian meat, though the non-vegetarians love it too. In Nigeria best tofu recipe is also called beske or wara. Tofu is a popular food gotten from soya bean after curdling… Continue reading

Amala Food – How to Make Amala and Ewedu

Amala food

Amala food is a delicacy mainly eaten by the Yoruba tribes in Nigeria, if you have not tasted this food my dear you miss oh! Moreover, Amala food is gotten from yam, however, yams are peeled, slice, wash, dried, and grind into a powdered form which is yam flour locally… Continue reading

Chicken Tomato Stew – How to Cook Nigerian Stew

Chicken tomato stew

Chicken tomato stew is a spicy and delicious stew recipe you will always find in most Nigerian homes especially on Sunday with boiled white rice and chicken tomato stew what a good combination. Basically, tomato stew is one soup you will constantly see in virtually every Nigerian family fridge/freezer waiting… Continue reading

Mexican Meatloaf Recipe – How to Make Meatloaf

Mexican meatloaf recipe

The Mexican meatloaf recipe is just another huge chunk of ground beef baked in the form of bread loaf with lots of spice and meatloaf glaze with ketchup. Mexican meatloaf recipe with salsa is another traditional meatloaf cuisine commonly prepared in most Mexican restaurants and is usually very delicious. In… Continue reading

Yellow Plantains with Palm Oil sauce | Plantain Ensemble

Yellow plnatains

Yellow plantains are usually sweet when properly cooked, yellow ripe plantain has a natural sweetness that comes with it and a unique golden yellow color. Plantain is a staple food in Nigerian be it ripe plantain, green plantains, or yellow plantains. Read Also: Moreover, in the Eastern part of… Continue reading

Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup with White Rice


Catfish pepper soup is really a delicious dish, especially when served with boiled white rice that makes it a complete food you can’t resist any time any day. Catfish pepper soup point and kill is a popular Nigerian food that got its name from the way and manner you will… Continue reading

Easy Soup Recipes – How to Make Ogbono Soup

easy soup recipes

Ogbono soup is a delicious Nigerian easy soup recipe prepared using dry ground ogbono seeds and is popularly known as draw soup because of its gelatinous (slimy) texture it produces. Ogbono soup is my favorite soup and is very easy to make combined with pounded yam (poundo yam swallow) is… Continue reading