Cucumber Lemon Mint Water – 3 days Detox Water

Cucumber lemon mint water

Cucumber lemon mint water is the perfect detox water to be used in achieving weight loss and flat tummy while eating only fruits for 3 days without cooked food. Read Also: Adding some slices of cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves in water is simply known as flavor water that… Continue reading

Best tea for flat tummy |Aju Mbaise tea for Weight Loss

best tea aju mbaise

The best tea for flat tummy is Aju mbaise as it also aids weight loss, this ancient herbal tea for flat tummy is used to cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins at the same time reduces bloating in the stomach. Best tea for flat tummy aju mbaise is a medicinal… Continue reading

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink for Weight Loss – Stomach Fat

Apple cider vinegar drink

Apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss is one of the best things that will happen to the excess stomach fat in your belly. Basically, apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss is a drink extracted from fermented apple with an active component content known as acetic acid. However, consuming… Continue reading

Weight loss: 10 simple steps to lose weight – Easy way out

Weight loss

Weight loss is said to be an act where an individual reduces in size using various ways such as dietary control, exercise and also abstaining from food with excess calories and sugars. In weight loss some take time and others are done in a short period of time.  Excess weight… Continue reading

Look good | Lose weight with Aju Mbaise | Flat tummy tea

flat tummy tea

The truth about Aju Mbaise flat tummy tea, is that everyone wants a flat tummy to look good, lose weight and have a perfect shape to go with, either young or old it doesn’t matter. The old went to look young while the younger once don’t want to grow old;… Continue reading