A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life

How soursop saved my life
Health benefits of soursop leaves tea

A Tea That Cures Cancer – How Soursop Saved My Life

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Soursop is a fruit that is often used in traditional medicine. The fruit, which is also known as Graviola, has a number of potential health benefits.

Similarly, soursop is a green fruit with a rough exterior and a smooth, creamy interior. It’s typical to compare the flavor to that of pineapple or strawberry.

There are claims that soursop extract can stop the spread of cancer or improve the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments. It is also said to have therapeutic properties.

How Soursop Saved My Life – The Story So FAR

Soursop saved my life. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and given only six months to live.

My family and friends were devastated, but I refused to give up hope. I did some research and discovered that soursop, a fruit native to South America, has powerful anti-cancer properties.

I decided to try it as a last resort. Within weeks of drinking soursop juice every day, my tumor started shrinking.

My doctors were amazed, and after a few months, they said the cancer was no more spreading and I am free. I’m now back to living my life to the fullest and I credit soursop for saving my life.

Well, that is the testimony from someone on the story so far and we wish Him safe health.

What is Soursop?

Soursop is a tropical fruit that grows in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

This fruit is known by several names, including Graviola, guanabana, custard apple, and cherimoya, and Brazilian paw paws. its scientific name is Annona Muricata.

Numerous health advantages of this fruit have been found, including reducing inflammation, boosting immune system, and fight cancer cells.

A Tea That Cures Cancer Soursop Tea

A herbal tea called soursop tea is produced from the leaves of the soursop fruit tree. Different types of cancer can be prevented and treated using soursop tea. They eradicate cancer cells, prevent tumor cells from proliferating

Soursop Health Benefits You Need to Know – How soursop saved my life

This fruit soursop is high in vitamins and minerals, and it has been shown to have anti-cancer properties to fight cancer. In this blog post, we will explore the health benefits of the soursop and how this delicious fruit can improve your overall health.

Soursop fruit fights against viruses to kill cancer cells

  • Soursop tea can help lower blood pressure
  • It can help lower blood sugar levels
  • Soursop fruit delays premature aging.
  • Boost immunity and strengthens the immune system.
  • Good for the skin and makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Soursop fruit strengthens bones.
  • Soursop fruit reduces cholesterol.
  • Help controls weight gain.
  • It makes hair shiny and strong.
  • Soursop fruit promotes good sleep.
  • It helps to heal wounds.
  • Soursop fruit protects the liver.
  • Help eliminates bad breath
  • Soursop fruit relieves stress
  • The fruit help stimulates appetite.
  • Soursop fruit purifies the blood.
  • Soursop fruit enhances memory.
  • Relieves menstrual cramps.
  • Soursop fruit/ tea regulates menstruation.
  • It has anti inflammatory properties
  • Soursop fruit is rich in vitamin C.
  • Soursop fruit treats cough and cold
  • Improves digestion and relieves constipation


How to Make Soursop Leaves Tea – Soursop Saved my Life

If you simply follow these instructions, making soursop leaf tea is simple:

  1. First and foremost, gather 4-5 soursop leaves. The best leaves are those that have just been plucked, but you can use dry soursop leaf too.
  2. The ideal tea leaves are those that are neither too young nor too old. Despite the fact that the leaves are typically green.
  3. Simply bring to a boil one cup of potable water after that. Prepare the soursop leaves while the water is heating.
  4. Thoroughly clean the leaves. You can either cut them or simply tear each one into two to three pieces if you’d prefer or cook without cutting the leaves.
  5. After that, put the pieces in a cup or glass. select utensils that can withstand hot, boiling water.
  6. Allow to rest covered for about 10 to 15 minutes. “Pulling the tea” is the term used to describe this action. Thereafter sieve
  7. Enjoy your freshly brewed tea made from soursop leaves now. You can drink it hot or cold. Add honey for sweetness if preferred.

While most people consume soursop tea without milk, others do with milk. It best serves as green tea no milk.

How to Make Soursop Juice – Soursop Saved My Life

  1. Cut a small portion of freshly picked soursop fruit into pieces.
  2. Blend them in a blender until they are well combined.
  3. Take the juice before breakfast in the morning. Best on an empty stomach
  4. Drink more juice if you start to feel fatigued.
  5. Do this procedure twice per week or more
  6. Your energy levels will significantly change in a few days.
  7. You’ll also begin to feel better.

Results will become visible after some months.

Risks and Side Effects of Soursop Tea

Soursop has certain possible risks in addition to its many health benefits. According to studies, the fruit and tea prepared from the leaves may simulate Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Additionally, studies suggest that it can interfere with diabetic or high blood pressure drugs.

A Tea That Cures Cancer | Not So Fast – How Soursop Saved My Life

Cancer organizations that are well-known still advise caution:

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, “experts advise against using the fruit to treat cancer.”

Graviola has anticancer qualities in laboratory research, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, although there aren’t any human data to support this.

There is no proof that Graviola works as a cancer cure, claims Cancer Research UK, a nonprofit organization based in England.

Frequently Asked Questions About { FAQ} – A Tea That Cures Cancer

Should I consume soursop tea?

Regular consumption of soursop tea has a number of positive effects. Soursop is rich in antioxidants that shield you from a variety of diseases and health issues in addition to vitamin C, which increases immunity. Additionally, soursop tea is known to encourage healthy digestion.

Who should not drink soursop tea? soursop saved my life

If you are taken blood pressure medication, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center warns against consuming soursop or soursop leaves.

If you aren’t taking medication for diabetes or undergoing any nuclear imaging tests

What happens if you drink soursop everyday?

According to studies, consuming too much soursop either it’s the fruit, the leaves used to make tea, or supplements can damage nerve cells and result in abnormalities of the nervous system that are comparable to Parkinson’s disease.

Is soursop poisonous to humans? soursop saved my life

Be aware that soursop seeds are poisonous. The seeds, leaves, roots, and bark are used in some tribes as a poison to get rid of insects. In some health food stores and online, soursop extract is offered as a supplement.

Is soursop good for nerves? How Soursop Saved My Life

A soursop leaf extract may be able to lessen fibromyalgia symptoms, per a study. The disease-related chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are alleviated by taking Annona muricata L. leaf extract at the prescribed dosage for calming to the nerves.

Does soursop clean you out? soursop saved my life

The antiviral and antiparasitic qualities of soursop also stop intestinal worms and other parasites from entering your GI system. The fruit’s juice acts as a diuretic, which clears the digestive tract and gets rid of extra sodium that frequently makes people feel bloated.

What can’t soursop do? soursop saved my life

Fight cancer Truthfully, nobody is promoting soursop tea as a cancer treatment, but there are a number of web claims that the tea would aid in the fight against and eradication of cancer cells but soursop cannot do it.

Although there is little information, Graviola is promising. However, it is unwise to propose any non-scientific treatments for a disease as serious as cancer.

Is soursop good for sleep? How Soursop Saved My Life

You can get better sleep by taking soursop leaves tea. “The leaves are infused to make a beverage that enhances sleep.”

So the Soursop’s nutrient-rich composition fights free radicals and minimizes cell damage from oxidative stress, calming the nerves and promoting good sleep.

Is soursop good for the liver? soursop saved my life

Soursop leaves are frequently used to treat a variety of conditions, including parasitosis, hypertension, inflammation, liver disease, cystitis, insomnia, headaches, and hyperglycemia.

Does Soursop Tea Contain Caffeine? soursop saved my life

Soursop tea is surprisingly not “tea” in a classic way. It is not produced from Camellia sinensis plant leaves, just as with black or green tea. Also, it is free of caffeine. Extra ingredients can be added to flavor it for more benefits so soursop tea is a herbal beverage.

Can soursop get rid of herpes?

Findings showed that soursop seed extract prevented MDV infection without causing plaque development and with no physiological differences from the negative control. These findings imply that soursop extract is effective in treating herpesvirus infections in both human and animal hosts.

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How long does soursop take to work?

For instance, having a cup 30 minutes prior to your typical meal time guarantees that you are utilizing your body’s natural energy and digestive cycles. Keep in mind that soursop doesn’t always have rapid impacts on the body as you develop regular tea drinking habits.

What is the best time to eat soursop fruit?

Soursop can be eaten raw when it’s ripe. When the fruit feels somewhat tender to touch then it is ripe. It may have a sour taste when it is unripe.

Is soursop an antibiotic?

Basically, soursop has natural antibacterial properties. Results indicated that the Annona Muricata plant’s leaves were the most effective portion for bacterial control.

Soursop saved my life
Soursop Saved My Life


So soursop doesn’t naturally fight cancer, certain of its components may one day be used to treat the disease.

Moreover, even if there are numerous alternative choices for treating various ailments, including cancer, it’s still important to follow medical advice.

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