Bread Egg Rolls – How to Make Bread Egg Rolls Recipe

Bread Egg Rolls

Savory Bread Roll Recipe

Bread Egg Rolls – How to Make Copycat Bread Egg Rolls Recipe

Bread egg roll is a crunchy but tasty snack recipe that you can make in the comfort of your own home. This snack idea is made by frying an egg with rolled-out slices of bread, fresh pepper, onions, spinach (Ugu leaf) as the bread filling. You may also use this snack recipe as an appetizer at meetings.

Typically served for breakfast with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, It is a perfect recipe for everyone. This bread egg roll may also be eaten as an evening snack or as a simple party snack that will attract everyone’s attention.

Bread Egg Rolls – How to Make Nigerian Bread Egg Rolls Recipe


  • Bread(loaf or sliced)
  • 1/2 Cup of Diced Color Bell Peppers
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Maggi (Optional)
  • Fresh Pepper or chili flakes
  • Onions (sliced)
  • Ugu leaf (spinach)
  • Groundnut oil


Method of Preparing Bread Egg Rolls

  1. If you’re using loaf, you have to slice it, if you’re using sliced bread, remove the brown part around the bread, then you use a rolling pin, or (improvise) with a bottle to be able to roll the bread, in other to become flat, then set aside.
  2. Whisk your eggs in a plate, add maggi (optional), salt, fresh pepper, ugu leaf, color bell peppers, onions and whisk everything together.
  3. Place your frying pan on the stovetop, add little vegetable oil, allow heating, and then fry your eggs thereafter set aside. Please endeavor to remain some of the whisked egg so you can use it later. (Or use one egg whisk and add some chili flakes use for sealing and coating)
  4. Pick your rolled bread, take a portion of the fried egg and place it on one side, then you fold it to the end, use the liquid egg that was remaining to seal the end. Do these for all the rolled breads, after that has been done, dip a brush into the remaining egg and brush on both sides of the rolled bread.
  5. Place your pan on low heat, add your oil, it should be shallow so it doesn’t soak into the bread. Place each rolled bread on the pan and flip both sides properly until it turns golden brown.

Booomm!!! Your Nigerian bread egg roll is ready; if you must cut it into parts, allow it to cool a bit to avoid breakage.

Enjoy with any drink of your choice.

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