Can Vicks Vaporub Reduce Breast Size? Yes or No

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Can Vicks Vaporub Reduce Breast Size? – How to reduce breast size with Vicks vaporub.

Breast size is determined by the amount of fatty tissue present in your breasts. Excess fat leads to enlarged breasts which can be a source of embarrassment for some women. This article is all about how to reduce breast size with Vicks vaporub, its surprising benefits, and tips on how you can achieve that petite figure in no time.

Everyone is aware that breasts can be extremely small or big, but in our culture, having excessively large breasts carries a lot of stigma, both positive and negative. However, having really big breasts could also be problematic. These women will need to have breast reduction surgery and nothing works better than that.

Vicks vaporub does not reduce breast size and does not make the breast bigger, therefore those of you hoping that applying it to large breasts will make them smaller should give up hope.

How to reduce breast size with Vicks vaporub.

Do you have large breasts and you feel very self-conscious about it. And so, you have taken to wearing loose tops or cardigans all the time. You can’t even go for a swim because of your breast size.

However, there are other times when things get much more difficult for you because of your large breast size. A new friend of yours has just asked if she could touch your breasts. She says that this will help her understand if they are real or fake. What will you do? Well, not everyone is so lucky to be able to deal with these problems easily!

The truth is that Vicks vaporub does not reduce breast size and does not make the breast bigger, therefore those of you hoping that applying it to large breasts will make them smaller should forget it.

What is VapoRub Vicks?

A topical ointment that releases medicinal vapors is Vicks VapoRub Topical. It is utilized to provide short-term relief from minor aches and pains in the muscles and joints. It is also used to treat cough that is caused by slight throat and bronchial irritation brought on by the common cold. Relief begins to take effect right away in Adults.

Why do breasts get bigger?

Breast growth is a result of estrogen and progesterone. As you get closer to puberty, these hormone levels increase. Your breasts start to grow due to the effects of these hormones.

The menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause are all times when hormone levels change.

However, there are other times when things get much more difficult for you because of your large breast size.

Common problems associated with big breasts

Because of the size and weight of the breasts, having large breasts is associated with a number of medical issues, these Issues include:

  1. Shoulder pains
  2. Migraines
  3. Underbreasts fungal skin infection
  4. Clothes not fitting
  5. Back pains
  6. Problem exercising
  7. It can cause shortness of breath.

Can Vicks Vaporub Reduce the Breast Size?

No! Vicks VapoRub won’t be able to help you have smaller breasts. In actuality, camphor, the main active component in Vicks VapoRub, can have some adverse effects, including breast skin irritation and redness.

To further buttressed, using medications containing camphor, such as Vicks Vaporub, to reduce breast size while pregnant or nursing, can be extremely risky because they have the potential to result in birth abnormalities (poor development).

Since Vicks does not reduce breast size, what then does?

Although physical therapy, ergonomic adjustments, and even painkillers are frequently a woman’s initial lines of defense, doctors concur that breast reduction surgery—a treatment carried out by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon—is the only sure approach to ease discomfort.

Dr. Jewell, a qualified cosmetic surgeon in the United States, supports this stance even more. “Large breasts offer an obvious and recognizable health problem, and surgery works better than weight loss, physical therapy, or pain medication,” the doctor claims.

Now that you understand why Vicks won’t work to make your breasts smaller, I suggest getting breast reduction surgery to solve the issues that come with having very large breasts.

How to Reduce Breast Size – 10 Simple & Natural Remedies

Some women decide to have surgery to have smaller breasts in order to decrease pain and increase mobility.

Did you know that there are some simple home remedies to reduce the size of your breasts? It may be unbelievable, but it is true.

You can try less intrusive methods at home, nevertheless, to reduce breast size. Before attempting any of these home cures, consult your doctor.

1. Exercise – How to Reduce Breast Size

Regular physical activity can assist you lose chest fat and tone the muscles that support your breasts so they are smaller.

Focusing on aerobic and high-intensity activities can aid in weight loss and help target problem areas because the breasts contain some fat. while physical therapy exercises that boost your metabolism and reduce total body fat include stair climbing, cycling, and power walking.

Pushups and other strength training exercises can tone the chest and alter the appearance of the breasts. Pushups can tighten and tone your chest muscles, which will help you have smaller breasts overall. Strength training and focused exercise, however, by themselves, cannot reduce breast size. Some workouts might make the breasts appear larger when done without cardio or a full body workout.

It is advised to work out for 30 minutes at least four times per week.

2. Egg whites – How to Reduce Breast Size

The improvement of skin tone is a further method for reducing breast size. Breast sagging can develop over time as a result of breastfeeding, aging, and weight loss. This occasionally gives the breasts the appearance of being bigger than they are. You can use an egg white mask to give your breast skin some suppleness.

Apply a foam created by beating two egg whites until it resembles shaving cream to your breasts. After using the mask for 30 minutes, rinse it off with warm water. You might notice a natural firming of your skin as it starts to dry. This, however, only lasts a short time because the egg whites wash or flake off.

3. Reduce estrogen – How to Reduce Breast Size

Breast tissue develops largely as a result of estrogen. Therefore, reducing excess estrogen may result in smaller breasts, particularly in those with hormonal abnormalities.

Estrogen and progesterone are found in hormonal contraceptives, which might increase a person’s breast size. After stopping the medicine, the effect normally returns to normal.

Similarly, reduce the ovaries’ expression of estrogen to control estrogen levels. Additionally, flaxseed may shield the heart, lower the risk of cancer, and stop inflammation.

Here’s additional information on how birth control can make your breasts bigger.

4. Diet – How to Reduce Breast Size

The amount of fat your body stores depends in part on what you consume. Breast size may be influenced by total body fat.

Your weight loss and breast size reduction will be maximized if you maintain a balance between exercise and a nutritious diet. You gain weight and develop larger breasts when you consume more calories than you burn.

Foods like lean meat, fish, fruits, and vegetable aid in fat burning even when you aren’t working out regularly. It will also make you lose weight more quickly if you consume fewer processed meals and sweets.

5. Clothing – How to Reduce Breast Size

Wearing well-fitting clothing may help you hide your breasts if natural therapies are ineffective for you. Invest in a bra that fits properly and covers and supports your breasts. Additionally, wearing darker hues and paying attention to the necklines of your shirts can detract from your bust.

Although breast reduction surgery is frequently used to reduce breast size, you also have other noninvasive options. Consult your doctor before using any natural remedies that can conflict with your prescription drugs.

Call your doctor right away if any of these treatments start to cause you to have negative side effects or reactions. You might want to talk to your doctor about breast surgery if none of these natural therapies work to lessen the size of your breasts and the neck and back pain they cause.

6. Green tea – How to Reduce Breast Size

Another all-natural treatment for weight loss is green tea. Numerous antioxidants in green tea can speed up metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat. Your breast size will decrease as a result of the reduced accumulation of fat. Green tea might also provide you more energy throughout the day.

7.  Neem and Turmeric Blend

Neem and turmeric are commonly used in Indian families as wonderful remedies for sensitive skin and infections of many kinds. You might be able to reduce the size of your breasts using this.

Ingredients – What You Need

  • Neem leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Water
  • Honey
Procedure – Method
  • Neem leaves should be washed before being boiled in 4-5 cups of water until the water is reduced by half.

Strain it, then consume it with 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of honey.

How Frequently Should You Consume It?

  • Take this mixture every day without fail for two to three months.

How Come This Works

While breastfeeding, there may be inflammation in your breasts, which could result in breast swelling. Taken together, neem and turmeric will help reduce breast size and any irritation.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek not only has therapeutic benefits, but it can also firm your skin.

What you require

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Water
  • Procedure

Fenugreek seeds should be soaked for 5 to 6 hours before being ground into a paste with a small amount of water.

  • After spreading the paste all over your breasts, let it dry.
  • Then, wash it away.

How Often Should You Do It?

Three to four times each week, the breasts should be treated with this fenugreek paste.

How Come This Works

Fenugreek seeds offer firming qualities that aid in firming and constricting the breasts. Applying this paste also stops skin from sagging.

9. Fish oil supplements

Due to claims that fish oil supplements are particularly good for your skin and liver, they are widely available and widely used.

What You Need

  • All you need to do is purchase the easily accessible supplements that are sold in the market as capsules or oils.


  • Consume one teaspoon or one capsule of the oil supplements.

How Often Should You Do It?

  • You should take this once daily, and you should speak with a doctor if you’re unsure of how long to take it for.

How Come This Works

  • The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil assist in lowering the body’s estrogen levels, which promotes general body weight loss.


10. Ginger – How to Reduce Breast Size

Ginger can aid in boosting your metabolism and burning extra fat all over your body, much like green tea can. While you can use it as a natural element in your meals, nutritionists advise drinking it as a tea three times per day to increase weight reduction effects and speed up your metabolism.

FAQs – About How to Reduce Breast Size

Which oil has the ability to reduce breast size?

Take flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed every morning on an empty stomach. An rise in oestrogen levels is one of the factors contributing to breast size growth.

The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed help lower estrogen levels, which reduces the size of the breasts.

Which yoga is best for decreasing breast size?

Yoga Poses to Naturally Reduce Breast Size

  • Sun salutation, or Surya Namaskar. When properly executed, this 12-exercise cycle can significantly reduce breast size.
  • Ardha Chakrasana Pose
  • Dhanurasana
  • The Tree Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Half Moon Pose
  • Prayer Pose
  • Wall Press


How can I decrease my breast size? How to get smaller breasts in 1 week

Proper nutrition for healthy breasts

The right nutrients can affect how much body fat is stored, and overall body fat can affect breast size.

You can minimize breast size by following a proper balanced diet, managing your calories, and exercising.

Why do my nipples hurt when touched?

When playing activities like jogging, surfing, or basketball, friction can happen when the nipples rub against a garment or an improperly fitting bra.

Friction on the nipple frequently results in soreness and stinging sensation. The skin may also develop cracks or dryness.

Uses for Vicks vaporub ~ How many things can Vicks VapoRub be used for?

Vicks VapoRub may be applied up to three times daily to suppress coughs, or as directed by your physician. Apply a thick layer to your throat and chest. For minor muscle/joint discomfort, Vicks VapoRub can be applied to the afflicted area three to four times daily.

How can I make my boobs smaller ASAP?

Workout – Regular exercise can help you lose chest fat and tone the muscles that support your breasts so they are smaller. Focusing on cardio and high-intensity activities will help you lose weight more quickly and target problem areas because the breasts contain some fat.


Some women are really not happy and feel so frustrated because of the massive enlargement of their breasts. People advise based on what they think that using Vicks Vapor Rub will help them shrink, however, this approach is ineffective and will not work. Nothing about this product helps the breasts, and it can potentially make them worse over time.

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