Why you must see a Dentist today |Teeth care

Why you must see a dentist today is due to the fact that a dentist is a professional who is saddled with the responsibility of proper maintenance and care of the month and the peri-oral region, this region includes the space from the lips anteriorly to as far back as the fauces (opening of the throat).  They are well set and properly train to identify treat and manage conditions that involve the gums and teeth.  


The dentist has been widely train to be a manager of Doctor + Engineer + Artist, because of all the technicalities involving managing dental patients they have to treat the patient as a whole then decide the right quantity of materials that will be necessary to relieve the situation while also using precise skills in the management of  such condition.

The job of a dentist includes restoration of a missing tooth, filling the teeth with hole, repair of broken teeth, removal (or extraction) of restorable  tooth, gum treatment and management of gum disease, arrangement of teeth, and even removal tumor related to the oro-facial area.   

Visit the Dentist Once Every 6 Months for good teeth

It is necessary to get checked out professionally to ensure you have been doing the right thing on your teeth, tongue, and mouth,  hence improve on oral hygiene then make changes if need be. Similarly, it has been advised that during such visit to a dentist, scaling and polishing of teeth should be done to further enhance the oral hygiene. Prevention is always better than cure and the cost of dental treatment is always far more expensive than prophylaxis!!!

Teeth care and Diet

The proper care of the teeth has drastically decline and become a necessity in our environment today. Due to a lot of various factors which include an increase in consumption of food high in carbohydrate and sugar as well as a shift from the native diets to more western diets. Most times this factors steers to teeth being more receptible to rapid destruction and deterioration and ultimately to early loss of teeth.  

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