Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger? – Does Apple Juice Increases Penis?

Does apple juice really make your Pee pee bigger? This is a question that has been asked for years, and it’s time to answer it once and for all. In this blog post, we will explore the potential benefits of drinking apple juice in relation to whether it can enlarge the pee pee size.

How did this meme started? The Swedish Internet personality PewDiePie has over 100 million fans, so things may have actually started out well.

PewDiePie thought “pp” was a joke. Saying “pp” rather than “penis” sounds exactly like you are deliberately childlike, There was a massive google search for peepee even in Raddit though it has nothing to do with the apple juice connection.

So, basically, we will look at the scientific support or evidence behind this age-old claim and discuss other possible implications of drinking such a popular beverage. By the end of our exploration, you should have a better understanding of whether or not apple juice makes your PP bigger.

Does drinking apple juice make your penis bigger?

No way! there is no proof or scientific evidence to suggest that drinking apple juice in any way increases pee pee (penile length).

Men have thought about how to obtain a bigger Pee for as long as they’ve had penile, however size isn’t necessarily the most crucial aspect (and usually determined by genetics anyway).

In well-matured guys, genital enlargement is uncommon without surgery, but for someone who is very fat reducing weight might make it more noticeable.

Instead of drinking apple juice, some study suggests that treating erectile dysfunction and promoting reproductive health can be accomplished by using apple cider vinegar.

Blood flow can be enhanced by managing other disorders and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity, high cholesterol, and diseases like diabetes all have an impact on a man’s capacity to erection.

Drinking apple cider vinegar on a regular basis may help individuals manage some of these symptoms by promoting weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels.

Therefore, adding a teaspoon or two into warm or cold water daily and drink is good for health.

Does apple juice make your willy big?

Naturally, drinking apple juice won’t extend your manhood; instead, it will only make you healthier as a result of the micronutrients that occur naturally in plants

Variety of vitamins, sugar, and immune-stimulating polyphenols are all present in apple juice, but nothing that might give you an extra inch in your Pee pee.

The shape of your Pee pee won’t be changed much by supplements or vitamins, though drinking apple juice can cause you to use the restroom more frequently. In actuality, it is advisable to disregard absurd anatomical assertions and follow sound medical counsel.

All You Need To Know If Apple  Juice Increases Penis Size?

Men are now more “attentive” to the size of their sexual organ as a result of the media, pornographic, and entertainment industries spreading the idea that a large penis is indeed a symbol of masculinity.

To satisfy their lover in bed, some men would desire a larger penis size. In actuality, a woman’s sexual enjoyment is not only dependent on the size of a man’s penis.

Since they want their penis to be bigger, some men will do anything to achieve this goal.

starting with specialized treatment, traditional herbal remedies , or using medication.  Recently, it has also been suggested that consuming apple juice can assist enhance penis size.

So, for males, penis size continues to be a big sexual problem.

Sadly, Apple juice consumption on a regular basis will not contribute to a 1-inch growth in penis size; likewise anything you eat or drink will definitely not affect penis size.

What Are the Best Method To Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Pee Pee  extenders (Penis extender)

A natural way to enlarge the size, length, and width of the male body is via penis extenders. though you start seeing the effect from 6 months. You can use it while sleeping, cleaning, or even performing daily duties like cooking!


The goal of the jelqing penile enlargement procedure is to enlarge the penis by pulling and stretching it.

Pee pee vacuum pump – Penis Pump

A short-term alternative is a penile vacuum pump device, which alters the appearance of your penis by drawing blood into it with a pump, making it expand and appear larger. Please when using exercise caution since excessive use may harm the penile tissue, which could result in weaker erections.

Pee pee surgical procedures –  Penis enlargement surgery

A In order to enlarge the penis, surgical procedures like phalloplasty involve injecting fat from other regions of the body into the penis’ shaft.

Additionally, silicone discs molded into the shape of the moon can be injected. The penile shaft’s size will be increased by doing that.

Men who have a micropenile – a pee pee that measures less than 2.57 inches when erect generally have this procedure highly recommended to increase the size. cosmetic approach or penis enlargement surgery might be helpful if needed so badly.

Benefits Of Apple Juice For Men – Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Apple juice benefits for men are one of the health factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

Researchers have discovered that an ingredient in apple peel can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells when paired with red grape or turmeric.

Because apple juice is made from apples fruits and is high in vitamins C and C6, it is a healthy beverage for males.

The old saying that one apple a day can keep you away from the doctor’s office is true, but scientists are still unsure exactly why this is the case and ‘ve yet to figure it out. These baseball-sized fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, or plant components.

Another group of beverages that could be categorized as healthy includes diet beverages like red wine and green tea.

Since they contain little sugar but are packed with nutrients like berries or other components, several of these drinks are categorized as diet drinks.

You stay hydrated with apple juice.

Apple juice is heart-healthy drink.

How to Increase Blood Flow to Your Penis: Best Practices

  • Cut down on Nicotine and Alcohol Use
  • Reduce Your Exposure to Stressful Situations
  • Change Your Diet for Optimal Blood Flow
  • Establish a Regular Exercise Schedule
  • Keep a Healthy Weight
  • Use a PDE5 Inhibitor If Needed
  • know more on Erectile Dysfunction

Frequently Asked Question on Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

What does apple juice do to guys?

Apple juice promotes the release of oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “love” hormone due to its link to ecstasy and orgasm during sexual activity. It is quite surprising that this particular fruit can also boost stamina in men.

A 160 ml of apple juice was consumed by healthy males before having their blood collected in one study.

After drinking the juice, the amount of oxidative damage in participants blood was lowered after 30 minutes, and this effect persisted for as long as 90 minutes.

What is the effect of apple juice on your bladder?

The effect of apple juice on the bladder depends on the individual. Some people may find that drinking apple juice has a diuretic effect, meaning that it increases the amount of urine produced and can lead to more frequent trips to the bathroom.

What foods increase your PP size?

8 penis-friendly foods to increase T-levels, motility, and other factors

  • Avocados
  • Apple
  • Oats
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Coffee
  • Chili peppers
  • Carrots

Does apple juice change the color of your pee?

The darkest end of “normal” urine’s color spectrum is pee that resembles apple juice. It shows you are severely dehydrated and needs to consume more water.

If it is colorless or the color of light lemonade, you are properly hydrated.

Is it healthful to drink apple juice?

One of the healthiest juices is apple juice. Potassium, which is crucial for heart health and is moderately present in apple juice, is also extremely abundant in antioxidants.

Their benefits to health include improved digestion and heart health, as well as body detoxification, better hydration, and immune support.

What does apple juice help?

Freshly squeezed juice is strong in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A, making it one of your “5 a day.” Additionally, pure apple juice contains minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that have been found in studies to improve cognition and bone density while reducing the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

What happens if I drink apple juice everyday?

Apple juice consumers are thought to be fit and healthy. Regular juice consumption also aids in preventing artery hardening, ensuring that blood reaches the heart without interruption. The management of cholesterol levels is another benefit of apple juice.

Does drinking apple juice increase weight?

The juice can be consumed more quickly than an normal apple fruit, allowing you to consume more calories in a shorter amount of time. Juice also doesn’t do a great job of suppressing your appetite or making you feel full. This can cause you to eat too many calories and could result in weight gain.

Can I have apple juice on empty stomach?

Yes! Freshly homemade apple juice can be taken in an empty stomach. The nutrients are easily absorbed into the blood stream.

When should I drink apple juice?

The best time to drink apple juice is first thing in the morning before breakfast.  Since your body fasted all through the night while you’re sleeping. One glass freshly homemade apple juice is perfect because the body will absorb the nutrients quickly. Drinking apple juice, whether fresh or store bought  is equally good during the day or the moment you are done with exercise for the day.

Does Drinking Apple Juice Make Your Dick Bigger?

No, drinking apple juice won’t enlarge your dick bigger. The contention is unsupported by scientific data. Apple juice does not contain any nutrients that would encourage penile growth.

Is apple juice Good For Your kidneys?

Apple juice is safe and good for  your kidneys, since apples support the maintenance of urine’s acidity and aid to stop kidney bacteria from growing. Apples have anti-inflammatory qualities that effectively treat infections or kidney issues.

Does apple juice increase size?

Does apple juice increase size? No way! consuming apple juice won’t increase penis size, not even by one inch, so do not be deceived.

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Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

No! there is no scientific proof exists to back up the claim that consuming apple Juice will increase the size of your penis.

Moreover, the only effects of the pp enlargement supplements/products are to improve blood flow in the genital area and give you a powerful, long-lasting erection.

If you’re considering surgery out of desperation, you should think about counseling instead because it can end up ruining what little you already have.

Kindly ignore those claiming that apple juice make pp bigger, they shouldn’t deceive you into an adopted pp that actually doesn’t exist.


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