Garden Egg Leaves -Health Benefits and Side effects

Garden Egg Leaves

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Garden Egg Leaves -Health Benefits and Side effects | Garden Egg Leaf Benefits

In the Eastern and South-Western region of Nigeria, garden egg leaf, also known as akwukwo anara, or akwukwo ofe in Igbo, is used to make yam dishes, Abacha (African salad), and vegetable stews. The seed is also known as Mkpuru Anara Igbo,  in Yoruba efo igba, and Ganyen Gauta in Hausa in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria, where it is abundant.

These vegetables are recognized for their inherent blood pumping properties, especially when consumed fresh.

Due to the nutritional components that act as treatment for specific ailments and alternatives for medical supplements, they are regarded a curative as well as a healthy diet.

Vitamin B, C, calcium, and potassium are found in garden egg leaves and African eggplant leaves, and they are helpful to human health in a variety of ways.


Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaves | Garden Egg Leaf Benefits


Kidney Health is Improved

It aids in the natural cleaning of the kidneys, which helps to avoid dialysis.

This leaf acts as a kidney detoxifier and is most effective when eaten raw or made into juice by boiling for a few seconds and then filtering the juice into a container; this juice can be consumed three times per day.

This implies that eating garden egg leaves will naturally aid in kidney cleansing by filtering the blood and preventing undesired substances from entering the organ.

As a result, any kidney-related diseases, particularly those that alter blood filtration and purification, such as renal failure, are avoided.

The potassium present in garden egg leaves is a mineral that can also aids with the kidney’s filtration function.


Promotes Fertility

Garden egg and its leaves were employed in the treatment of infertility and libido difficulties in many African societies, much as they were in the treatment of libido and infertility issues.

Although there is no scientific evidence to back this up at this time, many people in the areas where it is used feel it works and that it improves both men and women’s sexual health.


Can Prevented Cancer Formation

Garden egg leaves are anti-inflammatory, making them one of the best vegetables for reducing swelling and preventing cancer-causing inflammation.

Due to the presence of phytochemicals that combat free radicals that may create inflammation and contribute to malignant disorders in the body, these vegetables aid in the prevention of cancer development.


It acts as a blood tonic.

Garden egg leaves are a blood tonic for persons who are anemic or have a blood deficiency. It has long been a miracle vegetable for anemic patients and is frequently suggested by medical professionals for use in raising blood levels.

To obtain this benefit, get fresh leaves, wash them in cold water, slice them, and consume them raw. They can also be served as a side dish with Ukpaka/Ugba (fermented oil bean-seeds),  or squeeze to extract the juice.

Regardless of how it is taken, it still performs the same purpose.


Other Amazing Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaves | Garden Egg Leaf Benefits


  1. It is beneficial in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  2. Consuming garden eggs/leaves can help lower blood cholesterol.
  3. Garden egg aids in the treatment of heart disease and aids in the effectiveness of weight-loss diets.
  4. It helps to reduce ocular pressure in people with glaucoma without causing negative effects, even when consumed in large quantities.
  5. Garden egg leaves can be used as a natural blood tonic in patients who are anemic.
  6. The leaf gives micronutrients to women, which aid in blood sugar regulation.
  7. Garden
  8. It is rich in potassium, a vital salt that aids in heart function and blood pressure regulation.
  9. Pregnant women require additional vitamins and minerals, which can be found in garden egg veggies.
  10. Egg is an anti-cancer fruit that has been used for decades. Garden egg contains vitamin K and bioflavonoids, which assist to build capillaries and prevent blood clots.
  11. Garden egg aids in the regulation of high blood pressure and the alleviation of stress.
  12. Garden egg offers the body with both water-soluble and fat soluble vitamins, as well as Vitamin B6 (Thiamine) which is necessary for regular development and good heart and neurological system function.


How To Do A Detox Therapy With Garden Egg Leaves

  • 1 Bunch Garden egg leaves, pick and remove leaves from stem.
  • Place in a clean bowl and wash properly with clean water and salt.
  • Thereafter, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Slice the leaves into little pieces and put a clean pot add 2-3 cups of water
  • Allow to boil for like 5 minutes, Filter the juice and transfer it to a bottle.
  • Allow to cool completely before pouring into a large glass cup.

This juice should be consumed once a day. (1 cup daily)


When you pee, you may monitor your urine for changes in your body, the feeling that indicates “I am Healthy.” So why wait to be diagnosed before taking adequate care of your kidney and body when you can stay healthy by eating and drinking natural foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plenty of water?


How to Make Garden Egg Leaf Juice

Just like other green leafy vegetables that is how we are going to extracted our juice.

  • To begin, remove the leaves off the stem, leaving the little green garden eggs behind.
  • Secondly, properly wash the garden egg leaves to eliminate any dirt or sand.
  • Thirdly, shred the leaves to make squeezing or pounding easier, or mix them smooth using a blender.
  • The juice is next squeezed or pressed and strained out.

Finally, boil the extract for a few seconds, then let it cool before filtering the juice.


Side Effects of Garden Egg Leaves

Garden egg leaves have no discernible adverse effects unless consumed by persons who are allergic to them.



The presence of chlorophyll in Garden egg leaves inhibits carcinogenic effects in the body. This is only one of the Garden Egg Leaf/Leaves’ health advantages. Aside from that, the kidney-healing properties of the garden egg leaves are pretty remarkable.


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