Health Benefits Of Ghana Seed – Croton Seeds

Ghana Seed

Eso Aworoso Awogba (Croton Seed)

Health Benefits Of Ghana Seed – Croton seeds |India Parthia Seeds| Magic Seed

Ghana seed is a powerful medicinal plant that has been used for centuries to support the health of people in Africa. The most common and well-documented use of Ghana seed is as a purgative to the digestive system

After castor seed, Ghana seed, also known as miracle wonder seed or croton seed, has been praised as the most powerful laxative in the world. It has a profound impact and works quickly in the human system.

Ghana seed in Yoruba is called Eso Aworoso Awogba (Croton Pendoliflurous Seed), and Dokita Igbo language.

Ghana Seed / Croton seeds Health Benefits

Ghana seed has an incredible ability to cleanse your entire system, leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Croton seeds, as well as the oil derived from them, contain irritants that cause stomach and bowel irritation.

It is used for medicinal purposes in Africa to improve weight loss, diabetes control, cholesterol levels, appetite suppression, gastric ulcer treatment, and various other functions. If you want to know more about the health benefits of Ghana seed then read on to learn the science behind it.


Health Benefits Of Ghana Seed – Croton Seed Health Benefits

There are seeds that you can not only consume/chew as food but also use in a variety of healthy preparations

If you’re looking for a way to feel better about your health or want to try something new this year then give Ghana seed a try today!

  • Use for flat tummy it can add to your weight loss diet
  • Perfect for the purpose of weight loss
  • If you have a backache or a pain in your waist
  • It burns fat that you don’t need.
  • Infections in the toilet are treated and prevented with this seed.
  • Lowers blood sugar and fights diabetes.
  • Fibroid shrinks when Ghana seed is used.
  • Typhoid fever is treated with this seed/medicine.
  • Malaria fever is treated with this medication.
  • If you’re suffering from constipation, this is the remedy /cure for you.
  • Encourages the excretion of gallstones.
  • Menstrual cramps are relieved with Ghana seeds.
  • Hemorrhoids or a Pile
  • Detoxing the entire body
  • Clears blockage of the Fallopian tube
  • High blood pressure is reduced by chewing Ghana seeds (hypertension)
  • Insomnia, often known as sleep deprivation, is a condition in which a person is unable to sleep
  • Flushes the intestines
  • Fertility is restored.
  • The effectiveness aids in treating a wide range of illnesses
  • Helps relieve

Ghana seed has many other medicinal effects as well, including being able to improve asthma symptoms, being an effective treatment for bronchitis, improving digestion, reducing fever, relieving pain caused by rheumatism or arthritis.

Today Ghana seed can be found in many products like supplements, vitamins, soaps, lotions, and even lip balms.

How to Treat Diseases With Ghana Seed

For the initial dose, take one seed and chew it with 1 teaspoon of groundnuts, you can chew it with the skin or peel the skin.

Secondly, you can ground 1-2 seeds add to pap (Akamu, ogi) or tea, milk and drink it.

It can be taken either first thing in the morning or after meal last thing at night.

The right amount of Ghana seeds to take depends on a variety of factors, including the user’s age, health, and other circumstances. There is insufficient scientific evidence to define an appropriate dosage range for Ghana seeds at this time. Make sure you don’t take too much.


Ensure you are at home whenever you want to take Ghana seed because it is a laxative (you will purge).



Children aged 1 to 14 are not permitted to consume the seed.

Ghana seed should not be consumed by breastfeeding or nursing mothers.

Ghana seed can cause abortion or miscarriage in pregnant women, hence it’s not recommended.

Ghana seeds’ side effects

Ghana seeds and oil can cause mouth burning, nausea, dizziness, unpleasant bowel movements, and collapse. Itching, redness, and allergies may occur when Ghana seed oil is applied to the skin.

The research on these benefits are not conclusive yet, but it does have a long history of usage in traditional medicine so there is some truth to these claims.

How to Use Ghana Seed for Infection?

It contains a great deal of nutrients, rich in vitamin C, Ghana seeds are believed to be effective at healing many diseases – especially sexual infections, pelvic infections, yeast infections, and bacteria vaginosis is commonly known as toilet infection. The Ghana seed has been used for centuries as a way to promote many different aspects of health.


Always consult your doctor first before trying out any new medicines!

Where can I buy Ghana seed in Lagos, Nigeria?

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