How Can You Develop Your Sixth Sense For A Better Life?

Sixth Sense

What Is the Sixth Sense and How Can It Be Improved for a Better Life?

Sixth sense is the ability to perceive things beyond what our five senses register. It is also known as intuition, hunch, instinct, insight or gut feeling. The term sixth sense refers to the belief that humans have an invisible presence or a sixth sense that helps us in different situations.

There are many explanations and theories about the sixth sense, but there is no concrete explanation of how it works.

People with strong sixth sense ability often say they’ve saved lives based on their intuition alone. Some people believe that some of us have experienced a tragic event before we even know about it. Others claim their intuition guides them to act in a specific way and by doing so, avoid danger or unfavorable circumstances.

The idea of having a sixth sense is not new, in fact it has been present in different cultures and traditions for centuries.

It is also known as ESP (extrasensory perception) which refers to the ability of sensing things through means other than the five senses we are all aware of – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

What are the Five Senses?

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Hearing

What is the Sixth Sense?

Your sixth sense acts as a kind of guide, assisting you in making decisions about what is good and wrong. The sixth sense combines all of your other senses into one potent force that you may use. Although everyone is born with a sixth sense, many of us are unaware of how it functions. We feel more at ease making decisions when we have a strong sixth sense.

Have you ever had a feeling that something bad would happen, but then it didn’t? Or perhaps you had a gut instinct about someone or something, and then after some time that intuition was confirmed?

Responding to these experiences leaves many people wondering if they have a sixth sense or some kind of hidden intuition.

Before making any decisions or moving forward significantly, your sixth sense aids in giving you an indication of what is good and bad for you.

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