How Women Use Acacia Bagaruwa Seed for Tightening & Infection

Bagaruwa Seed

How Women Use Acacia Bagaruwa Seed for Infection and Tightening – Acacia Bagaruwa Seed Health Benefits for Women and Fertility

The plant Bagaruwa Seed /Acacia has been used by women for generations to restore their dignity, primarily in the northern part of Nigeria and now in the southwestern regions of the country.

Basically, Acacia is a seed with many therapeutic uses; it’s the finest genital steam so far because it’s entirely natural; beside ladies, treat your dignity region with the Gabaruwa steam; it fights infection and aids female fertility. So bagaruwa is also used for fertility

How to use Acacia popularly known as bagaruwa seed for infection and tightening; meanwhile, Acacia is the English name for Bagaruwa.

It is mainly used by women after childbirth, those who have an illness, or those who feel too wide after Normal delivery I guess you know what I am referring to.

Notably in the areas of infection, irregular periods, foul odor down there, and a general sense of openness? This is the method you should employ!

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How Women Use (Acacia) Bagaruwa Seed for Infection and Tightening

The seeds are cleaned, crushed, and cooked with a tiny amount of cloves added before being set aside to cool a little then do a sit bath on it and steam. To avoid burns, please keep the water temperature not too hot.

Sit bath – Sit on it for at least 15 to 20 minutes. With regular practice, you may improve your tightness. It also aids in the treatment of infections of the female reproductive system.

Health Benefits of bagaruwa seed after sit bathing and steaming

Some of the advantages of bagaruwa seed for sit bathing and steaming are listed below.

  • Bloating, cramps, fatigue, and heavy flow are just a few of the menstruation symptoms that can be reduced.
  • Increasing the fertility of women
  • Encouraging postpartum recovery/Speed up healing after childbirth
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Hemorrhoids are treated and relieved in this way.
  • Boosting energy and eliminating fatigue
  • Treat headaches
  • It’s possible that this will aid in the restoration of VJ PH.
  • Decreases post-VJ delivery inflammation and scarring

Side effects of using bagaruwa

It’s safe and natural because it’s made entirely of natural herbs. Furthermore, if not used properly and according to directions, it might cause burns down there. Steaming with bagaruwa might occasionally bring the infection you’re trying to avoid or cure, particularly candidiasis, a yeast infection.

If a woman is pregnant, private part steaming with bagaruwa might be hazardous. This is due to the possibility that the steam mixed with the bagaruwa might harm the developing fetus, pregnancy loss, resulting in miscarriage, or premature birth.

How to use bagaruwa seed (Acacia) for infection and tightening

This method becomes very necessary when you have problems with your dignity and reproductive health. It helps women regain their pride and feel comfortable around their partners.

Cleansing and tightening recipe


  • Bagaruwa Seed
  • Cloves (optional)

Instructions on How to Use Bagaruwa Seed for Tightening

In a clean pot add in your bagaruwa seed and cloves then pour in enough water into the pot of ingredients.

Cover and allow boiling, thereafter remove from heat; then allow to cool a little before doing your sit bath and steaming for 20-30 minutes daily.

My Recommendation

The greatest approach to maintain your dignity healthily is to keep it clean, dry, and devoid of fragrances. As a result, the majority of individuals should avoid steaming with bagaruwa, cloves, or any other plant.

If they do attempt it, they should proceed with utmost caution to avoid burns and infections.

How to use Bagaruwa Seed for Tightening – Bagaruwa for Fertility


Constantly seek medical advice, counseling, and treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.


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