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Justicia carnea

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Justicia Carnea – Health Benefits of Justicia Carnea | Justicia Carnea Leaf Benefits | Ewe eje

Justicia carnea is a medicinal herb extensively used in Nigeria that is said to have a variety of properties, including the ability to increase blood level.

Leaves of Justicia carnea might be utilized to treat lipid problems caused by anemia. The Igbos in Nigeria call the plant “ogwu obara,” which means “blood tonic.” it is called Ewe eje or Ewe ajeri in Yoruba Language. alafo jini

It assists pregnant women who want a blood boost.


What is Justicia Carnea?

Justicia Carnea is a flowering plant that may be found in our neighborhood. Despite living in close proximity to this plant, many individuals may be unaware of its benefits.

This leaf replenishes your blood supply immediately. When properly cooked with water, the leaf resembles blood, and when milk is added, it turns pink.

Moreover, Justicia Carnea is popularly known as the Blood of Jesus or blood leaf nickname in Nigeria. It’s a blooming green plant with a pink flower bud on the end.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support its use as a blood tonic by traditional users, Justicia carnea is utilized as a blood tonic in many regions of Nigeria.


Health Benefits of Justicia Carnea | Justicia Carnea Leaf Benefits

A daily dose of Justicia carnea leaves extract can provide a significant amount of iron and vitamins, which can help to improve blood circulation.

However, Justicia carnea leaves extract has been proven to be a good source of B2, B12, B9, and B1. When compared to a comparable plant-like T. occidentalis, J.carnea had a greater riboflavin concentration. B vitamins are essential for the nervous system’s function, as well as the creation of red blood cells and tissue growth.

Several varieties of Justicia plants are used in traditional medicine in various regions of Africa for arthritic, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Recently, it was also discovered that the species had cardioprotective and antioxidant characteristics, as well as being high in vitamins and minerals.


Different Names of Justicia Carnea leaf

In Nigeria, it is called Ogwu obara, Hospital Is Too Far, Ewe eje or Ewe ajeri in Yoruba, Blood of Jesus, and Jehovah Witness leaf.

Brazilian plume flower, Jacobinia, King’s crown, flamingo flower, and Brazilian-plume are all names for the same plant.


Uses and Side Effect of Justicia Carnea leaf

In Nigeria, the leaf of Justicia carnea is commonly used to make soup or porridge yam when combined with edible vegetables like Efinrin /scent leaf. The raw leaves are chewed in some parts of Nigeria, while for therapeutic purposes; it is boiled separately in water to make tea or cooked with other medicinal plants.

According to research the extract lacks the potential of causing liver and kidney damage.

How to Make Justicia Carnea leaf – Blood Leaves | Ewe eje


  • 8-10 leaves Justicia Carnea
  • 1 cup of water


There are 2 simple methods to preparing Ewe ajeri, blood leaf solution;

  1. First of all, cut a few fresh leaves or dry leaves from the stem; then wash to get rid of dust and insects from the leaves.
  2. Secondly, boil water using a pot or kettle and soak the leaves of Justicia Carnea in the hot water for about 15 minutes in a closed container.
  3. The other alternative is to boil the leaves in clean water until the color completely changes to red.

Lastly, sieve and drink 1 cup daily always make new tea/drink each day.

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