Guacamole Recipe – How to make Avocado Spread| Ube

Guacamole Recipe

This is just the best and simplest guacamole recipe you can ever think of, a fine combination of avocados, onion, chili peppers, salt to taste, and squeezed lime juice to form guacamole spread or dip. In the Eastern part of Nigerian where I come from virtually every compound has an… Continue reading

Shakshuka – Nigerian Tomato and Poached Egg Sauce

shakshuka recipe

What is shakshuka? People will ask. Shakshuka is a delicious and simple dish of tomatoes, onions, potato, paprika, salt, spices, and poached eggs finely combined together to form shakshuka. It has a more complex taste because of the handful of ingredients merge simultaneously as a whole, while some are of… Continue reading

GTBank Food and Drink Festival 2019 – Highlights Day 4


The coming together of foodies across Lagos and its environs at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival was quite impressive. The highlights of happenings on day 4 which is the last day of the events, consequently, it happens to be a public holiday. The turnout is extraordinary when compared with… Continue reading

The GTBank 2019 Food and Drink Festival in Nigeria

The GTBank 2019 food and drink festival in Nigeria is on, the festival started on the 28th April – 1st May 2019 at GTCentre. Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Lagos. This festival is one of Africa’s largest culinary experiences organized by GTBank. This is the fourth edition, four days… Continue reading

Banana Chips – How to make Banana Chips in Nigeria

banana chips

Banana chips are tasty, crispy, and crunchy recipe of unripe banana slices deep-fried to make these delicious chips, however, it’s a simple homemade healthy snack for all season. Meanwhile, in Nigeria green or unripe banana chips are not as common as it counterpart plantain chips you find virtually on every… Continue reading

Falafel – How to make Falafel balls| Nigerian Recipe


Falafel is ground chickpeas spiced and deep-fried in a ball shape fondly called falafel, meanwhile, it is an ancient traditional food eaten all over the Middle East which has also gained popularity in Nigerian cuisine. Spicy falafel recipe and how to make these simple balls just like Akara balls in… Continue reading

Easy Crepe Recipe – Best in the World

Easy Crepe Recipe-best in the world

Easy crepes recipe best in the world is basically French cuisine and to make an easy crepe recipe all you need is blend flour, sugar, eggs, milk, salt, and butter to form batter then fry thinner and larger version of a pancake. Moreover, easy crepes recipe is just a revised… Continue reading

Green Smoothie – Bright Monday Smoothie

Green smoothie

Green smoothie on a bright Monday in Africa, especially in Nigeria, is a way of consuming enough fruits and vegetables blended as a green smoothie after eating so much carbohydrate during the Easter celebration and on a Sunday.  In Africa and Nigeria at large has more of carbohydrate staple foods,… Continue reading

Easter 2019 – Wishes, Images, and Easter Egg.

Easter egg

Easter 2019 is being celebrated today Sunday, 21st April 2019, basically, Easter usually falls on a different date every year but, it must be on Sunday. In Nigeria, the holiday starts with school children before the general public holiday is announce by the Federal Government, is the first sign of… Continue reading

Nigerian Breakfast – Toast Bread and Chicken


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is better to choose a good breakfast food, in other words, healthy breakfast like toast bread and chicken with a cup of tea or coffee. In Nigerian simple breakfast recipe is what people look out for when considering what… Continue reading