Rice Noodles Recipe –Prawn and Red Bell Pepper recipe

Rice noodles recipe

Rice noodles recipe stir fry with prawns is an appetizing delicacy prepared with a simple mixture of red bell pepper, spices, onions, green bean, green peas, salt, and vegetable oil stir fry into the rice noodles. Rice noodles are noodles basically made from rice flour and water; it’s a fast… Continue reading

Kale Recipes – The Nigerian kale Stew Efo Tete

kale recipes

The Nigerian kale stew efo tete is a spicy and savory delicacy; kale recipes can easily be prepared just like every other vegetable stew using kale leaves in place of fluted pumpkin leaves (Ugu), and spinach leaves. Kale recipe is a combination of fresh tomatoes, onions, salt, curry, thyme, red… Continue reading

Rice Paper Rolls – Nigerian Salad Rolls Ever

Rice paper rolls

The Nigerian salad rolls ever are healthy and nutritious food using the Vietnamese rice paper rolls to wrap up a finely slices of carrots, cabbage, lettuce, eggs, cucumber, avocado, green peas, and chicken all wrapped together. Rice paper rolls is not a familiar name in Nigerian only very few people… Continue reading

Baked Chicken Breast – Nigerian Style Recipe

baked chicken breas

The Nigerian style recipe on baked chicken breast turns out tasty and delicious bites all the way, by simply combining salt, onga chicken, garlic powder, dry pepper, paprika, thyme, and olive oil to marinate the chicken breast before baking. Chicken wings and thighs are the most popular parts of chicken… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothie Nigerian Recipe

peanut butter banana oatmeal smoothie

Enjoy a healthy smoothie today; a tasty creamy and thick peanut butter banana oatmeal smoothie finely dressed with almond milk a delicious smoothie you can’t resist.   Peanut butter banana oatmeal smoothie is perfect for all seasons for instance in Nigeria the hot scorching sun coupled with the heat this… Continue reading

Fried Indomie Stuffed with Carrots and Green peas

Fried Indomie

Fried indomie, It’s a popular opinion that Indomie is food for children and bachelors but fried indomie is a tasty spicy food stuffed with carrot, green peas, onions, chili pepper, and boiled egg to compliment the delicious food.   Indomie instant noodle is a household name in Nigeria, virtually all… Continue reading

Fiber in Apple – why Apple skin should not be peeled

fiber in Apple

Apple is also known as “world healthiest fruits and miracle fruits” it does wonders in the body, the fiber in apple consumed once a day keeps doctors away from you. Apple is tasty round juicy fruits that contain high fiber couple with vitamin C, Apple skin has the most nutrient… Continue reading

Nigerian Sausage Egg Casserole – Healthy Breakfast food

sausage egg casserole

How about a healthy breakfast food like the Nigerian sausage egg casserole?  The Nigerian sausage egg casserole is a combination of eggs, cheese, milk, green onions, sausage, red bell pepper, bread, and salt evenly mixed and baked. Sausage egg casserole is a tasty and delicious healthy breakfast food perfect for… Continue reading

Best tea for flat tummy |Aju Mbaise tea for Weight Loss

best tea aju mbaise

The best tea for flat tummy is Aju mbaise as it also aids weight loss, this ancient herbal tea for flat tummy is used to cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins at the same time reduces bloating in the stomach. Best tea for flat tummy aju mbaise is a medicinal… Continue reading

Glaucoma Steals Eye Vision – Glaucoma test in Nigeria

glaucoma test

Glaucoma is a disease that causes damage to eye optic nerve, untreated Glaucoma may lead to vision loss and blindness, in other words, go for glaucoma test today in Nigeria to ascertain the level of pressure in your eye. In Nigerian glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness among the… Continue reading