Look good | Lose weight with Aju Mbaise | Flat tummy tea

The truth about Aju Mbaise is that everyone wants a flat tummy to look good, lose weight and have a perfect shape to go with, either young or old it doesn’t matter. The old went to look young while the younger once don’t want to grow old; they all want to look trendy.

Flat tummy tea- Aju mbaise

 The fat burner Aju Mbaise

Aju Mbaise is an organic fat burner herbs that comprise of bark, root, and leaves wrapped together form a special medicinal tree.

Aju Mbaise Health Benefits

  • Lose weight and Flat tummy: Aju Mbaise is highly effective for weight loss and flattening of tummy (for pregnant women immediately after child birth. This should be done within 1month, specifically first month of delivery to achieve good result.)
  • Irregular menstruation: This herbs correct and stabilizes menstrual irregularities, it also end scanty and painful menstruation.
  •  Correct Ovulation: it can also be used to correct ovulation cycle to achieve conception.
  • Resolve Fertility: this herbs eliminate dead cells makes them ready for conception
  • Removes bad blood: it removes bad blood and excess water from the womb, helps the tummy returns back to its normal state.
  • Good detox: Aju Mbaise is good for detoxification it removes toxins from the body (in case of miscarriage it obviously shred dead particles)
  • Aju Mbaise also shrink early stage of fibroid and tumor
  • It clears mouth odor emanating from the stomach as a result of the detoxification done in the stomach.
  • It is good for the skin and nourishes the body
  •   It averts fallopian tube blockage.

Step by step preparation

  1. Rinse in a clean water don’t unwrap
  2. Put in a pot and add 1 liter of water
  3. Add spices uziza seed, udar (optional)
  4. Cook for about 30 minutes
  5. Sieve and drink until you finish the stock

 Boil the complete wrap pack 3 times, always add fresh water and boil each time you exhaust it. Extract the water and in a bottle and refrigerate, warn before drinking.

To be taken 2 twice a day, morning and night.

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