Look good | Lose weight with Aju Mbaise | Flat tummy tea

The truth about Aju Mbaise flat tummy tea is that everyone wants a flat tummy to look good; lose weight and have a perfect shape to go with, either young or old it doesn’t matter. The old went to look young while the younger ones don’t want to grow old; they all want to look trendy.

Lose weight with aju mbaise flat tummy tea
flat tummy tea

 Igbo Herbs For Weight Loss

Aju Mbaise flat tummy tea is an organic fat burner herbs that comprise of bark, root, and leaves wrapped together are from a special medicinal tree. These Igbo herbs for weight loss are discovered in Mbaise town an Igbo speaking community in the Eastern Region of Nigerian.

Lose weight with Aju Mbaise Tea

  1. Moreover, consuming aju mbaise drink in other to lose weight cannot be over emphasized, eating a healthy diet plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy weight for your general well-being is necessary.
  2. However, being overweight or obese can lead to certain health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke and maybe cancer, so being overweight can also affect your health therefore, lose weight fast with aju mbasie tea.
  3. Meanwhile, most adults need to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories to achieve this, on the other hand aim at eating less and be more active.
  4. Subsequently, cut down on foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables then drink your aju mbaise tea.
flat tummy tea

How to Use Aju Mbaise for Flat Tummy

  • Lose weight and Flat tummy: Aju Mbaise is highly effective for weight loss and flattening of tummy (for pregnant women immediately after child birth. This should be done within 1 month, specifically the first month of delivery to achieve a good result.)
  • Irregular menstruation: it correct and stabilizes menstrual irregularities, it also ends scanty and painful menstruation.
  •  Correct Ovulation: it can also be used to correct the ovulation cycle to achieve conception.
  • Resolve Fertility: these herbs eliminate dead cells makes them ready for conception
  • Removes bad blood: it removes bad blood and excess water from the womb, and helps the tummy returns back to its normal state.
  • Good detox: this herbs is good for detoxification it removes toxins from the body (in case of miscarriage it obviously shred dead particles)
  • Aju Mbaise also shrink early stage of fibroid and tumor
  • It clears mouth odor emanating from the stomach as a result of the detoxification done in the stomach.
  • perfectly good for the skin and nourishes the body
  •   It averts fallopian tube blockage.

Aju Mbaise Ingredients

  • 1 wrap of Aju Mbaise
  • 1 tablespoon Uziza seed (optional)
  • ½ spoon Uda (optional)
  • 1 liter of water

How to Cook Aju Mbaise Tea for Flat Tummy

Aju Mbaise Herbs is very easy to cook either with spices or ordinary depending on how you love to drink this agbo for weight loss. There is also Aju Mbaise pepper soup for nursing mother.

  1. First of all, rinse in clean water and don’t unwrap the leaves.
  2. Secondly, put in a pot and add 1 liter of water
  3. Thirdly, add spices uziza seed, udar (optional)
  4. Finally, cook for 30 minutes
  5. Sieve and drink until you finish the stock

Aju Mbaise Tea for Flat Tummy and Weight Loss

These finely wrapped leaves, roots, and barks of Aju Mbaise for weight loss are so effective in burning fats that has accumulated in the body; it burns all excess fat and helps you achieve a good result in weight loss.


How to Take Aju Mbaise Herb

Aju Mbaise herbs are to be taken 2 times a day, morning and night, always take it either hot or warm first thing in the morning 45 minutes before food and last thing at night.

Side Effects of Aju Mbaise

  1. It may cause nausea to some people
  2. Pregnant women are not allowed to take this herbs likewise, those trying to conceive
  3. Exclusive breastfeeding mothers should feed normal not starving so the baby will not slim down as a result of Aju Mbaise tea consumption.
  4. It also causes hunger for some people

How to Preserve Aju Mbaise Herbs and Prepared Aju Mbaise Weight Loss Tea

Aju Mbaise Herbs should be refrigerated after cooking; the wrap can be used 3 times before discarding,

Always add fresh water and prepare Aju Mbaise weight loss tea each time you exhaust it,

After preparing your Aju Mbaise for weight loss extract the water (tea) in a bottle and put in the fridge, warm before drinking every day until is finished.

Aju Mbaise
Agbo for weight loss

Who Should Use These Herbs?

  1. Any woman who has protruding tummy as a result of child bearing
  2. These herbs should be used by men and women who want to lose weight and slim down completely.
  3. Women who just delivered newly, breast feeding mothers all drink this herbs in other to eliminate excess water and bad blood from there system, it also helps the womb revert back to its original state.

Different Categories of Aju Mbaise Herbs

  1. Aju Mbaise for natural flat tummy and weight loss herbs (lose belly fat in a week in Nigeria)
  2. Good for irregular menstruation, Hormonal imbalance, cure infection, relieves ulcer
  3. Alleviate ovarian cysts, diabetes, High blood pressure and malaria
  4. Aju Mbaise helps after CS and good treatment for fibroid
  5. Cook Aju Mbaise for fertility with spices

Aju Mbaise For Weight Loss

The five distinct leaves, roots, and pieces of bark from a medicinal tree are combined to create the fat burning slimming herb aju mbaise.

The pepper soup made with this leaves has a bitter alkaline taste. Either a peppersoup is made from the leaves, or they are simply boiled as tea.

Basically, the termed aju came as result of how the leaves are been wrapped.

Aju Mbaise For Weight Loss is an herbal tea that helps people lose weight. It is an herbal remedy made from the roots of the Aju Mbaise plant, which is native to Nigeria.

These herbs helps suppress appetite, reduce fat absorption, and boost metabolism.It is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Lots of people have reported that it has helped them lose weight, but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims though it works.


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  1. Thank you, pls someone who doesn’t have a refrigerator to use in preserving it.. what other way can I preserve it… Thanks

    1. It means that after cooking your Aju Mbaise leave it on the pot and warm it every day until you finish drinking,

    2. Are they different types of aju mbaise? Like the ones used for flat tummy, is it different from the one used for infection and others?

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