Weight loss: 10 simple steps to lose weight – Easy way out

Weight loss is said to be an act where an individual reduces in size using various ways such as dietary control, exercise and also abstaining from food with excess calories and sugars. In weight loss some take time and others are done in a short period of time.  Excess weight in our body can cause obesity, obesity is difficult to recover from and harmful to health.

weight loss

Simple steps for Weight loss

  • Drink water: Drinking of water first thing in the morning is very important and a good detox. It aids good bowl movement, and reduce early morning hunger as soon as you wake up from bed. Drinking of water 30 minutes before food makes you full which are good for weight loss.
  • Don’t skip breakfast:  Most people believe that skipping breakfast is the best ways to lose weight, once you skip breakfast there is tendency you will eat more during lunch and anything that crosses your way. A good breakfast energizes and activates your cells to perform better throughout the day, it makes you fill better and think less about food. Don’t step out of the house without a nutritious pack breakfast.
  • No in-between meals:  Stop all in-between meals; take your normal meal not overfeeding yourself. Snack more on fruits and vegetables.
  • Take Fruits and vegetables: Eat more fruits and vegetables which is a good source of vitamins and minerals that nourish the body. The body will not shrink and starved because you want to lose weight.
  • Stop eating late: Early dinner is the best form of losing weight; the food will digest properly before bedtime.
  • Take Protein:  Intake of protein aids in weight loss, it boost metabolism and controls all weight hormones in the body as well reduces hunger hormones. Similarly, protein is an important nutrient when battling weight loss especially plant protein.
  • Sleep well: Taking good rest stabilizes the body and balances the hormones; lack of rest causes heavy weight gain and makes it difficult to reduce the weight. 

Diet on whole grains

 Diet more on whole grains because they are much healthier than processed foods. Whole grains are wheat bread, brown rice, pasta, and popcorn while processed foods are white bread, cakes, cookies, and biscuits. The fiber in whole grains makes you full for a longer time thereby reduce craving and aid weight loss.

Stop sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are very high in calories even alcohol and should be avoided; it tends to increase weight gain. Water still remains the best drink but if you must drink something go for homemade natural juice because it has no additional sugar or preservatives. Drink juice moderately and reduce intake of calories in other to achieve a beautiful body shape.

Exercise/ step count

All these without proper exercise won’t give good results. Exercise is essential mostly to individuals who gain weight easily, so don’t lazily sit around every morning instead work out regularly.

You could have a good dietary plan to stop weight gain but to lose weight faster you need to have a daily routine exercise or visit the gym regularly. Exercise such as jogging, sit-ups and walking or the use of gym equipment would guarantee fast weight loss.

Weight loss is achievable is not a punishment or fighting with your body, but rather have a good mindset about it and see it as a lifestyle.

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