Best tea for flat tummy |Aju Mbaise tea for Weight Loss

best tea aju mbaise
best tea for flat tummy

The best tea for flat tummy is Aju mbaise as it also aids weight loss, this ancient herbal tea for flat tummy is used to cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins at the same time reduces bloating in the stomach.

Best tea for flat tummy aju mbaise is a medicinal herb which is made up of leave, bark, and root wrapped together in a funny looking way, but it does work wonders when it comes to weight loss.

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Best tea for flat tummy and weight loss Aju Mbaise

Basically, using Aju mbaise the best tea for flat tummy and weight loss the following will be achieved;

Increases metabolism

The increase in metabolism also speeds up the amount of energy being used by the body thereby burning up fat at a faster rate and not allowing accumulation of stored fat.

Meanwhile, each time you drink Aju mbaise this is exactly what happen to the body.

Best tea for flat tummy Aju mabise purifies blood

The best tea for flat tummy aju mbaise purifies blood it helps the human body produce glutathione a kind of liver compound that chases away toxins in the body.

Drink 2 cups of aju mbaise herbal tea per day and plenty of water.

Low Calories

Aju mbaise is low calorie drink which is good for weight loss. To reduce and still maintain healthy weight men needs more calories than women, that is to say base on a strict low calorie diet men takes between 1200 – 1600 per day while women takes 1000 – 1200 per day. 

Similarly, for a faster weight loss and flat tummy consume not more than 800 calories per day, food potion control is necessary at this point. 

 Reduce Appetite with best tea for flat tummy

The best tea for flat tummy and weight loss Aju mbiase aids in reducing appetite in other words, craving for food is reduced drastically.

So you can only eat your normal meals and not crave for the in-between meal that hinders weight loss program.

Aids Choleretic Effect

Choleretics effect is a substance which increases bulk secretion of bile out of the liver along with the amount of solid secreted.

Consequently, excess bile in the stomach is being caused by stagnant food in the stomach which precede to increase gastric pressure as it allow stomach acid and bile duplicate into the esophagus.

Furthermore, peptic ulcer also causes too much bile in the stomach since it blocks the pyloric valve not allowing the stomach empty fast because it don’t open enough for free passage.

Therefore, consuming this tea for flat tummy aju mbaise will assist in normalizing all stomach issues.

Increase Diuretic with best tea for flat tummy Aju Mbaise

A diuretic is any ingredient that promotes diuresis, certainly, the increase making of urine. Aju mbaise is a good diuretic that increase the excretion of water from body especially removing excess fluids in the body.

Aju mbaise is good for diabetics

Aju mbaise is a good diuretic which is perfect for a diabetic management likewise the laxative that helps diabetic patient move bowel as at when due is equally great.

It also removes bloating which is common among diabetic cases as result of protein consumed regularly. It reduces craving which is a major problem among individuals with diabetic cases.

Finally it help lower sugar level when consumed it should not be taken in large quantity maximum of 1 glass cup a day.  

Aju Mbaise has Laxative

Laxatives or purgative in aju mbaise soften stools in the same vein increase bowel movements, drinking aju mbaise herbal tea prevents and treat constipation of any form.

Best tea for flat tummy Aju mbaise purifies the body and prevents parasites

Aju mbaise the best tea for flat tummy and weight loss it purifies the body as well as prevent parasites for instance plasmodium the single celled organism.

Parasites in human include protozoa and worms which infect humans and cause parasitic diseases; they are endoparasites that cause infection inside the human body and ectoparasites causes infection in the skin.

Aju mbaise should be included in our diet as herbal tea that cleans the body system making it free from parasites.

Aju mbaise regulates female menstrual cycles

Consuming this herbal tea helps regulate menstrual period back to normal for those with irregular menstruation and scanty flow within a short period of time.

Method of preparing Aju Mbaise Tea

  1. First step in clean water rinse the wrapped leaf
  2. Second step, place on a pot then add 1 liter of water
  3. Third step add other ingredients like udar, uziza they are optional
  4. Bring to boiling for the next 30 minutes
  5. After that remove from fire allowing cooling preferable lukewarm
  6. Drain in sieve and drink


In conclusion the wrap aju mbaise should be preserve in the fridge to be used after consuming the 1 liter already prepared tea. Repeat using same method and discard after the second usage.

Drink 1 glass cup first thing in the morning before breakfast and.

 1 glass cup at night before going to bed

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