Best Tofu Recipe – How to Make Tofu Beske/Wara

Best Tofu recipe is a very good source of protein particularly for vegetarians and vegans, in Nigeria, tofu is pure vegetarian meat, though the non-vegetarians love it too. In Nigeria best tofu recipe is also called beske or wara.

Tofu is a popular food gotten from soya bean after curdling soy milk to form bean curd, the resultant curds can be seen as soft white blocks that require a further process which could be either fried, baked, or dried.

Homemade Silken tofu recipe is very easy to make, on the other hand, a well-cooked stir fry wara is just what you need to snack upon is quite filling and healthy too.

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However, the procedure of making vegan tofu is quite similar to that of cheese made from milk. Meanwhile, bean curd can be cooked using different methods that can easily transform its texture from soft and smooth to crunchy and crispy.  

How to make Best Tofu recipe


  • 5 cups soya beans
  • Coagulant (Epsom salt or calcium sulphate)

Materials to use:

  • Grinding machine or Blender
  • Sackcloth (similar to that of pap/akamu)
  • Muslin cloth (just like making pap/akamu)
  • Big bowl

Instruction on how to cook tofu

Pick the soybean, by removing the soil particles, rinse with water, afterward, soak in water for 8 hours or soak over-night.

Next step is to wash then drain the water before grinding using a blender or commercial grating machine with enough water.

Thereafter, use your big bowl to sieve out the soy milk just the way you sieve pap and removing the chaff. Discard the chaff, pour the soya milk in a pot and boil for 10 minutes

In addition, dissolve the coagulant in warm water and add it to the boiling milk on fire, cook for another 5 minutes after that off the fire, then allow cooling.

Allow the wara to sit for another 15- 20 minutes, at this point you, will notice it has formed curds and separate from a liquid as it curdles.

Next is to pour it into a sackcloth (fabrics) and press with a weight, for about 20-30 minutes this will assist in removing the water from the curds as it forms mold or solid blocks of beske.

Frozen Tofu- how to freeze best beske

You can freeze your silken tofu or firm extra bean curd by simply putting in a zipper-lock bag and store in your freezer for like a month or more until you are ready, remove from freezer allow defrosting before cooking.

How to spice and steam bean curd

  • Cut tofu into cubes
  • Ground pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Curry and thyme
  • Onion finely dices

Add all ingredients in a pot and steam for 5 minutes allowing the ingredients to penetrate into the Chinese bean curd properly, remove and drain water if any.

Finally, place in a baking pan and bake or stir fry a deliciously crunchy and crispy tofu of all times.

In conclusion, the soybean curd tofu can also be marinated without steaming and gilled, baked, and stir fry.

Serve and enjoy!

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