Best Dates and Banana Smoothie Recipe Ever

Dates and banana smoothie is like kick-starting your day on a very good note with a tasty and nutritious dates and banana smoothie creamy shake recipe. Similarly, dates and banana smoothie is simply made from dates fruit and banana fruit combined together, however, both fruits are a household name and are widely eating all over the world.

Basically, dates are one of my favorite fruits probably, because of its natural sweetness pack load with nutrients such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C, Fiber and other nutrients. In the same vein, banana is a normal fruit in my dietary list so I was a bit skeptical when I first learn about this combination.

Consequently, I took the bull by the horn, that is to say, I went ahead and prepared dates and banana smoothies. it’s the best choice ever made when it comes to smoothies it so delicious.

Health benefits of Dates

Dates are desert fruits, rich in antioxidant that helps fight cancer cells in the body, likewise, it’s a natural laxative, help treat anemia, increases sexual stamina, the high fiber content aids free bowel movement, perfect drink during and after exercises.

Health benefits of banana

Banana is pack full with potassium, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iron they promote healthy bones, lower blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of heart-related disease, in proves mood, moreover it contains essential nutrient necessary for optimal body function.      

Calories in dates

Most importantly dates are a perfect substitute for sugar furthermore, the vitamin B6 fiber and iron content are essential for proper functioning of the body. Therefore, the calories are moderate and not dangerous to health, rather the sweetness is used to satisfy the itching tooth as it keeps the mouth busy.

Recipe for dates and Banana smoothie

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For severing of two you will need the following

8 pieces of dates

2 bananas

1 cup of water or milk

Method of preparing a smoothie

First of all wash your dates, slit open and remove the seeds then soak for about 45 minutes allow softening, if it a fresh dates you don’t need to soak.

Secondly, get your blender ready rinse the soak fruit into the blender ads water or milk puree for 2 minutes after that add your banana and continue to blend until well puree.

Serve chilled!

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