When is the Best Time to Exercise – Sunrise vs. Sunset?

 The reality about the best time to exercise whether sunrise vs. sunset is this; there is no consistent indication to show that calories are used more effectively at a particular time of the day. Exercising increases your heart pace and works your muscles and is mainly embarked upon with the aim to achieve physical fitness.


Henceforth workout plan and choose any specific time of the day that can help you continue to exercise thereby making it a habit and lifestyle.

Whether morning or evening workout the most important thing is that you workout and it makes one feel fabulous. Fixing the exact time for a gym is more of an individual desired best time to work out.

 Exercise timer helps you to create your own standard path whereby you can go through a series of exercises at a stretch.

If you exercise at diverse times of the day, be sure to take note of the hour as you’re tracking your progress. That way, you’ll know when your body timer needs be to rebuke for a less optimal workout.

Advantages of Sunrise Exercising

Stability: it’s far simpler for people to remain on track with fitness routine for a longer period of time because they will be consistent.

The early morning exercisers will always say that morning exercising leaves them feeling more energized and active.

Disadvantages of Sunset

Tiredness from a long day activity can also lead to skipped evening workouts.

Working late at night in the office will lead the postponement of your evening workout for the day,

The sunset exercisers are usually not consistent base on the fact that they are involve in so many activities that eats into their time of exercise.

Types of Exercise

  • Aerobic: These are exercises that increase your heartbeat likewise your breath. Examples jogging, biking, brisk walking.
  • Flexibility: these are muscle stretch that supports free movement of the body like stretching out before exercise and Yoga.
  •  Balance exercise: Adequate posture is very important to guard against falling, therefore standing on one leg helps develop your balance or Tai chi.
  • Strength Drill: Exercise gives you stronger muscles as well as keep you fit at all time for instance weight lifting and stair climbing.

Benefits of Exercising

  • It helps to boost energy
  • It also promotes better sleep
  • Reduce Risk of Chronic diseases
  • It improves mood

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