Goron Tula Health Benefits for Men and Women

Goron Tula Health Benefits

Goron Tula Health Benefits for Men and Women – Benefits of Goron Tula | How long does it take goron tula to work?

Goron Tula, often known as ‘African Chewing Gum,’ is a versatile edible fruit with a sweet and chewy kernel.

This Goron Tula fruit, popularly known as Silky Kola, tree hibiscus, snot apple, Azanza, or wild hibiscus in English, is a miracle fruit’ that has several sexual and health benefits.

Goron Tula originates in Nigeria precisely in Tula Kaltungo Local Government of Gombe State and Michika of Adamawa State and is botanically known as Azanza garckeana.

Goron Tula is a traditional medicinal plant in Tula Kaltungo and Michika it is used in various Ayurvedic preparations. This goron tula is a fruit that is exclusive to these tribes.

In several African nations, including Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana (Morojwa), Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Goron Tula Powder is marketed in local markets.

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What Is the Function of Azanza Garckeana Plant/Snot Apple?

Snot apple has been proven as a good remedy for enhancing sexual performance, improvement, and complete transformation. treat diabetes, fever, and gastric problems. It also prevents liver disorders. Silky kola has the following properties: – Reduces cholesterol levels – Increases immune system – Improves digestion – Acts as an aphrodisiac and much more.

This article will explore the benefits of Goron Tula / Azanza Garckeana for our health.

Goron Tula Health Benefits for Men and Women | Benefits of Goron Tula

Silky kola is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs. It is used to treat a variety of diseases, the most common of which is also infertility.

Goron Tula Relieves Ulcer Pains

Goron Tula is high in flavonoids, which are effective pain relievers. As a result, persons who suffer from ulcers or other forms of stomach pain should include Goron Tula in their diet.

This will assist to reduce inflammation, which could be the source of the pain.

Goron Tula Boost Vaginal lubrication and improves dryness

This miraculous fruit is highly suggested for ladies who have trouble reaching orgasm since it lubricates and moisturizes the vaginal area. They help to reduce inflammation, which can have a negative impact on sexual health.

It can also be dissolved in hot water and inhale the steam, which will penetrate the vaginal area. It also tightens the vaginal.

Women’s Menstrual problems are treated

It treats hormonal imbalances and helps to regulate menstruation. It also aids in the return of missed periods and the relief of menstrual cramps and aches.

Goron Tula Improves digestion and bowel movement

The fiber in Goron Tula fruit aids digestion in the body by improving bowel movement and relieving constipation.

Goron Tula Reduces Blood Sugar

Antioxidants are beneficial to blood sugar control. They aid in the reduction of oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic diseases.

The fruit is high in antioxidants, which aid with blood sugar regulation. A diabetic may take a few fruits first thing in the morning to help manage blood sugar levels.

The fruit helps to lower blood sugar levels, which lowers the chance of developing diabetes.

Goron Tula Treats infection

It aids in the treatment of a variety of diseases and infections. It also acts as a natural detox since the fruit’s antioxidants aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

The fruit’s phenolic components are effective against yeast and bacterium infections.

Goron Tula helps to prevent cancer.

This is also conceivable due to the fruit’s antioxidants. They aid in the battle against antibodies that can harm your body’s cells.

Use Goron Tula Fruit as a natural vaginal cleanser

The Goron Tula fruit is a good vaginal cleanser, as it eliminates odors from the private area. External cleaning products may be harmful in the long run because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. As a result, the miraculous fruit is an excellent approach to improve the health of your organ from within.

Relief Cough

Goron tula’s antioxidants can help with respiratory system irritation. You might receive relief from your cough by chewing various fruits on a daily basis.

Goron Tula and Fertility – Health Benefits of Goron Tula for Fertility

It has been proved that it is a good remedy for enhancing sexual performance, improvement, and complete transformation.

It boosts female libido while also improving male sperm quality!

It aids in the enlargement of the breasts. Goron Tula and Pregnancy is an excellent choice for folks who are attempting to conceive.

How to Boost Libido with Goron Tula

This wonderful fruit can help people who have poor libido due to stress or other health issues.

The presence of flavonoids, which are antioxidants, allows the fruit to provide this benefit.

If you want to utilize Goron Tula to improve your sexual health, make sure the fruits you consume contain the juice.

It’s the juice that works best for you before sexual intercourse; all you have to do is chew roughly three fruits (seeds removed). It takes a few hours for the vitamin to be absorbed by your organs and put to use.

Women can soak it in water for hours and use it to clean their vaginal area. Cervical mucus is produced as a result of this practice. Sexual intercourse becomes less painful as a result of this.

How to Eat Goron Tula Fruit

Remove the seeds from the fruit and chew it. Suck the juice and toss the chaff out. Silky kola generates a sticky liquid that can be cooked, soaked in water, or used as honey. It can be eaten raw (fresh) or pressed into a juice.

How to Eat Goron Tula Nut

The kernel can be broken and chewed like gum. When the fruit ripens, it can also be eaten raw.

Additionally, the powder can be used with oatmeal, tea, pap, or yogurt.

You can either make jelly out of the dry snot apple by soaking it in water or honey or eat it raw.

Boiling Snot Apple and enjoying it as porridge is another way to consume it.

Finally, you can combine it with other herbs to create a unique blend, such as Kayan mata honey liquid of Goron Tula

Where can I purchase Goron Tula Fruit/Snot Apple?

African snot apples can be purchased online or at local marketplaces in North or other parts of Nigeria. In Lagos at Oyingbo market, Ikorodu local market, Abuja, Port Harcourt, among other states. It is also available in Ghana, in US and UK check African shops and the price is reasonable.

How Healthy Is Snot Apple?

This miracle fruit has powerful health benefits with little or no negative side effects.

Snot Apple has numerous uses. It contains antioxidant, anti-hyperglycemic, antifungal, antibacterial, antimalarial, and iron-absorbent properties.

Side Effects of Goron Tula

Azanza garckeana, like many other herbal plants, has a variety of medicinal uses as well as some side effects.

Meanwhile, Some polyphenol-rich foods, such as silky kola/Goro tula, may need to be avoided by persons with medical issues or certain food allergies.

Despite the numerous advantages of polyphenols, excessive consumption may cause harm.

How long does it take goron tula to work?

The optimal time to consume the fruits for someone who wishes to use goron tula for vaginal wetness is 3 to 6 hours before to engaging in sexual activity.

Snot apple has been shown to be an effective treatment for improving sexual performance for total transformation.



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