Goron Tula-Kayan Mata Seed – Silky Kola | Snot Apple

Goron Tula

Goron Tula is a seed popularly known as Kayan-Mata and Kayan Maza enhancer, Goron Tula fruit is also being used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Silky kola is a common fruit in the Northern region of Nigeria, moreover, is a seasonal fruit and virtually everyone eats these fruits without really understanding the great health benefits of snot apple.

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Goron Tula is rich in antioxidants, iron, potassium, calcium, and is also high in vitamin C. which is good for children too. I remember we do eat this fruit as growing children in the North.

Certainly, for those of you who got to know this African chewing gum through Jaaruma_empire on Instagram and how she has made Goron Tula Kayan Mata so popular around the Globe.

Although some believe is a love drug, but is actually a substance that can increase sex drive after consumption particularly when couples are on the mode for such act.

African chewing gum goes by so many names and they are as follows: – silky kola, snot apple, Azanza Garckeana, the Indians calls it Akhort and it’s scientifically called Thespesia Garckeana, Akhort in English.

Health Benefits and Importance of Goron Tula

  • It lowers blood sugar especially for those with diabetic conditions.
  • Great immune booster and also cleanse the body system
  • It guards against liver problems
  • It also helps prevent cancer
  • Prevent high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol
  • Goron Talu is good for cough
  • Good for chest pains
  • Promotes good bowel movement and prevents constipation

Goron Tula and Fertility

  1. Silky kola aids lubricate the vagina naturally; for a slimy and slippery vagina eaten this seed naturally and drinking the already prepared juice is certain, it also controls odor around the private part region.
  2. It also helps to shrink back the vagina after childbirth using a Sitz Bath method, while some use it to induce labor when your EDD date is long overdue; it makes delivery easier and safe too.
  3. It boosts libido in both men and women that is why it being called Kayan Mata and Kayan Maza and cures weak erection in men.
  4. Goron tula fruit contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, iron and antioxidant this helps treat infertility, after that, conception is bound to take place since the root cause of the problem has been cleared.
  5. Thespesia Garckeana is being used to cure low sperm count, hence improve sperm quality in men. On the other hand, stress is another cause of these problems and other medical conditions, but with these seeds chances of quick recovery is sure.
  6. Finally, goron tula help address woman menstrual problem in some case permanent cured is achieved with Akhort fruits.

When next you come across this wonderful fruit don’t fail to get as much as you can and enjoy every single beat of it.

Where to buy Goron Tula/Azanza gerckeana – Snot Apple for Sale

You can order online for African snot apple in case you are in Lagos visit Iddo market or mile 12 Hausa section, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

How to Eat Goron Tula

This nut seed is very sweet and taste like date and honey mixture, if you taste it there is the tendency you will always request for more and that is where it drives that name slimy from.

  • First of all, break the shell and eat the meat inside like chewing gum for fresh seeds.
  • Goron Tula powder can also be used in tea beverage, pap, and also mix with yogurt 
  • It can be boiled and make into syrup for the usual kayan mata       

Side Effects

There is no side effect recorded so far, thou moderation is still the key to good success.

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