Guava Leaves and weight loss – How to Brew Guava Leave

Is losing weight so important to you? Then think of guava leaves and weight loss, fresh guava leaves can easily be brewed into a magical tea that aids weight loss.

Guava leaves Tea for Weight Loss

Using guava leaf for weight loss is achievable because the moment the tea is taken, it constrains the complex carbohydrate from turning into sugar, in so doing, it suppresses your appetite and reduces craving. In other to achieve faster results go for low calories foods.

In Nigeria, especially in Lagos the fat people are usually called orobo and nobody wants to bear that name orobo, so everybody wants to be slim lepacious.

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The guava leaf secrets for weight loss

Guava herbal tea is a simple weight loss recipe that can be prepared and taking for a while since it enables you to achieve a perfect shape you have always desire without killing yourself with exercise.

Most are times its essential to help the body boost the slimming possibilities, guava tea is the right helper in such situation, so hurry and start brewing guava tea today.

Benefits of Guava leaves and weight loss

The health benefits of guajava tea for weight loss cannot be overemphasized, one cup of Psidium guajava contains vitamin C equivalent of 4 oranges.

Guava tea is also loaded with antioxidants such as vitamins, antibacterial compounds, and anti-inflammatory, potassium, fiber, carotenoids, flavonoids, and several other minerals that are beneficial for optimal body functioning.

  • Guava leaf tea helps fight insulin-resistant disorder in type 2 diabetes, the anti-septic qualities of this leaves helps guard you against breaking out.
  • It promotes good sleep and gives your body enough time to rest and prevents more stress as well as tension.
  • It controls the sugar level thereby prevent hunger attack when blood glucose level suddenly drops.
  • Do you know it is impossible to lose weight when you’re stressed? This leaves help calm down your nerves system.
  • Guava diet for weight loss helps cleanse your digestive system promotes good bowel movement and prevents constipation
  • Guava tea aid the body reduces weight and also get rid of excess fat in a more natural way by improving the rate of metabolism.
  • Guajava leaves tea assist the body converts food into energy and stops storing it as fat and also improves digestion.


How to make tea from fresh guava leaves


  • Handful of guava leaves
  • Water
  • Honey (optional)

Method of cooking guava tea

  1. First and foremost, get your guava leaves either from the farmers market or natural plant health shops, though some people have a guava tree in their houses which makes it easier for them to always cook guava tea.
  2. Plug a handful of guava leaves; wash in running water in other to remove dust and particles that usually perch on the leaves.
  3. Secondly, pour in up to 1 liter of water into the pot place on stovetop and heat to boiling
  4. Next step is to pour in your already washed leaves into the boiling water and boil for 10 minutes, then watch out for the over floating of the leaves as it boils, so that it doesn’t pour all over the stovetop and floor, slant the cover of the pot at this point.   
  5. Finally, sieve the water out and discard the leaves refrigerate using a water bottle and always heat whenever you want to drink guava tea.
  6. To be taken 3 times a day, guava tea should be taken first thing in the morning before food about 45 minutes or more and last thing in the night.
  7. 1 glass cup in the morning
  8. 1 glass cup in the afternoon and lastly
  9. 1 glass cup at night

How to brew dry guava leaves

Brewing dry grounded guava leaves is just like making a tea bag, recently, guava leaves now comes on a tea bag.

  • Boil hot water in a kettle on a stovetop or electric kettle
  • Get a mug cup place 1 tea bag inside the mug and pour in the hot water
  • Cover for about 5-7 minutes after that remove the tea bag and drink your weight loss guava tea

Serve and drink.

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