Health Benefits of Abere Seed – Hunteria Umbellata


Health Benefits of Abere Seed – Hunteria Umbellata Seed Benefits | Abeere Seed and Coconut Water | Abere Seed for Diabetes

Abere Seed is a medicinal seed botanically called Hunteria umbellata Osu Fruit seeds it has a bitter taste. It’s normally being used in treating various ailments the moment you remove it shell and consume the soft seed inside. It can be consumed either on its own or combined with other herbs to increase its effectiveness.

Moreover, serious health problems like high cholesterol, heavy menstrual flow, blood sugar, and obesity can all be relieve with a variety of portions of this tree.


What is Abere Seed?

Abere seed is the seed of an African fruit called Osu fruit (Abeere fruit) scientifically known as Hunteria umbellata seed it has many antibacterial properties as well as other health benefits. Abere seed (also known as wonder seed) has been connected to diabetes, hypertension, weak erections, premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, and the treatment of low libido.

The shrub plant that bears the Osu Abere fruit, also called Osu in Edo, Abere seed in English language is called Hunteria umbellata, Erin, Abere in Yoruba, Demouain, Aarin, Polyadoa Umbellata, Picralima nitida, and Nkpokiri in Igbo.


What are the purposes of Abere seed?

It a frequently asked question among the elderly to know the functions abere seed serve?  Basically, traditional medicine uses the concoctions derived from different parts of these seed plant components. To treat and control conditions including hypertension, malaria, abscesses, diabetes, chest problems, hepatitis, and pneumonia.


Hunteria umbellata Nutritional Value (Abere)

In 2009, research shows flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, and steroidal compounds were discovered during a phytochemical screening of the fruit.

Another study found that the fruit (Ose, Abeere) is a good source of macro and micronutrients, containing reasonable quantities of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese.


Health Benefits of Hunteria umbellata – Abere Seed Benefits

  • Abere herb aids in the activation and strengthening of the liver activities.
  • It lowers the risk of high blood pressure by regulating blood pressure.
  • It reduces the occurrence of skin lesions and eliminates the chance of contracting leprosy.
  • Increase libido, stamina, and Male Potency
  • Boost Immune System
  • Lower Cholesterol levels
  • Reduce Joint Inflammatory Conditions
  • Treat digestive problems
  • Treat aches and pains
  • Get rid of intestinal worms
  • Lower Fever
  • Reduce female-heavy Menstrual Flow
  • Boost Female Fertility


Abere Seed for Diabetes and Pancreatic Health

Diabetes is a medical disorder in which the pancreas is unable to carry out its duty of converting eaten carbohydrates into glucose for use in the body’s metabolic process. Not necessarily the amount of sugar consumed; it is a pancreatic illness.


Abere Seed for Weight Loss

Bark is used to make purgatives and laxatives. Possess stomachic traits that support and enhance the stomach’s functions.

It prevents oxidation that can cause weight gain because of its antioxidant qualities. The stomach’s functions are boosted and improved with abere, and stomach gas is also eliminated.

It efficiently supports the body’s efforts to eliminate intestinal worms and prevent Ascaris. The best herbal remedy for weight loss and obesity is this plant seed.


Abere and pregnancy

Abere is fine and safe to consume while pregnant, but exercise caution and talk to your doctor.


Abere seed and fibroid

In our tradition abere is thought to shrink and treat fibroids. Which is not true; you should visit a doctor, ideally a gynecologist, if you have fibroids.

Abere seed and fertility

Abere seed is a good booster and legit source to improve manpower in male. While a lot of people use Abere seed to increase their fertility and chances of conceiving, especially women.


What is Hunteria umbellata seed?

The plant’s Hunteria umbellata seed extract has purportedly been utilized to successfully regulate glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose concentration in types 1 and 2 diabetes.


What is English name for Abere?

Although the English name is Hunteria umbellata, the Yoruba name for it is Abere.


Where is abere seed gotten from?

The Yoruba name for Huntaria umbellata seed is abeere. The plant, which is a member of the Apocynaceae family, thrives in West Africa. Several species in the Apocynaceae family have undergone extensive research, particularly in regard to their chemical characteristics and economic significance.

Negative Side Effects of Hunterian Umbellata (Abere)

According to a study, Abere Hunteria umbellata has an oral virulent potency that is quite low, but extended use, especially at large doses, must be done very carefully.

Similarly, Thrombocytosis, a disorder in which the body produces an excessive number of platelets, was found to be caused by long-term consumption of this fruit.


Where can I buy Abere Seed?

You may buy Abere Seeds (Hunteria Umbellata) on or eBay other online stores.


How to Use Abere Seed and coconut water for Diabetes


  • Abere seed (Huntaria umbellata seed)
  • Fresh coconuts (Get Coconut water)


Method of preparing Abere Seed and coconut water

Abeere’s shell should be removed and ground into a powder before being combined with coconut water and placed in a keg (jerrycan). Give 24 hours for proper fermentation.


How to Drink Abere Seed and coconut water

Take half glass cup twice daily (on empty stomach in the morning and last thing at night before bedtime).


You should consult a qualified medical professional first, though, before using the fruit or plant as a treatment.

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