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Kuli kuli

How to make Peanut Snack – Kulikuli

Kuli kuli recipe is a spicy and crunchy snack made from roasted peanut (groundnut) that is grounded to form a paste and fried to harden for its crunchiness widely eaten in West Africa Countries.

This high protein groundnut-base food also has some nutritional benefits, its rich in protein, fiber, and a healthier alternative to salted peanuts and chips, good for weight loss contains less oil because it has been extracted before frying.

Kulikuli is a traditional Hausa food that has gain popularity in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and Benin Republic. It’s commonly referred to as groundnut chip, groundnut cake, and groundnut chin chin, groundnut ball.

It also comes in beautiful shapes and sizes ranging from straw stick shape, round, and box shape, usually sold in street kiosks and markets a good business plan for some people; similarly, a finely packaged brand might as well be ordered online.

Nigerian kuli kuli snack can be eaten alone or served with garri mixed with sugar, milk, and water is popularly known as soaked garri. On the other hand, garri is made from processed cassava tubers, while the English name for garri is cassava flakes.

Kwirikwiri is used to make verities of dish such as suya spice, kilishe, donkwa, kulikuli fried chicken by Dooney’s kitchen, smoothies, and can be mixed with salad in place of salad cream.

How to make Kuli Kuli with peanut butter – Kulikuli


Instructions on How to Make Kulikuli

  1. First and foremost, ground the roasted peanut
  2. Secondly, add your chili pepper to the peanut and mix thoroughly
  3. Thirdly, squeeze the groundnut paste to extract the oil, as the oil is been extracted it reduces in quantity, continue squeezing the paste until excess oil is removed
  4. Fourthly, transfer the dough to a flat surface or pastry board sprinkle salt and roll out, then cut into desired shape and size.
  5. Finally, in a deep frying pan pour in the oil extracted from the groundnut paste, after that, bring to heat and start frying.
  6. In conclusion fry until color changes to brown, at this point remove into a sieve allow draining.

Yummy appetizer kuli kuli snack is ready, serve and enjoy!

Kuli kuli
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