Secrets of longevity and a Healthy Lifestyle

We all want to live long that is longevity and die at a very old age, its necessary we know the secret of longevity and a healthy lifestyle because nobody wants to die young or prematurely.  Longevity is said to be the length and period of a person’s life time on earth, in Nigeria life expectancy is low according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite the fact that life expectancy in Nigeria is low some individuals maximizes certain potentials to improve longevity.

The period of human life is seen as longevity hence adequate measures are been put in place to maintain a good life.  Longevity can be genetic or Lifestyle, don’t get it twisted is majorly based on lifestyle. We all work towards a particular goal to achieve longevity and healthy lifestyle. Therefore for a person to live a long healthy life these basic things should be practice which is known as secrets of longevity.

Secrets of longevity and a healthy lifestyle

Eat healthy diet:  one of the secret of longevity and healthy lifestyle is to cultivate a healthy eating habit, eat to live not eating to die. Always go for a balance diet, increase the intake of plant based food. Don’t under estimate what fruits and vegetables does to the body.

Say no to alcoholism and smoking: they said smokers are liable to die young; these are unhealthy lifestyle and can shorten longevity, meanwhile it is a bad habit that is difficult to quit. Drunkards constitute nuisance in their community and people avoid them like plaque. Don’t indulge in unhealthy lifestyles that can cause damage to your vital organs.

Create good relationship with your environment:  in creating good relationship with the environment you find yourself into, you are bound to associate better with members of the community. Similarly, interact closely with your peers, social group and can also communicate freely with volunteer workers that come around you.

Reduce stress: stress is another killer disease which lots of people are not aware off, reduce stress to the bear rest minimum in other to achieve longevity. Sleep between 7 – 8 hours a day is also important in attaining longevity and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise regularly is secret of longevity 

 Another secrets to longevity is exercise, which should be part of our lifestyle and not just for athlete alone. Choose any form of exercise that you will be actively engaged in; at list 30 minutes exercise daily for optimal body function is perfect. Moreover, we need to be physically active, to remain active in all stages of life is of utmost importance when it comes to healthy living, at a certain stage in life the strong man is no longer strong as before. Though in their own little way can still be engaged in one form of activity or the other. for example, my grandma at 82 years still goes to inspect what is happening in her farmyard sometime weeds her farm.

Staying among good friends and family gives peace of mind.

Good and clean environment, as the saying goes cleanliness is next to godliness.

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