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Negro Pepper Benefits

Negro Pepper Benefits Uses & Side Effect – Benefits of Uda Seed for Fertility, Flat Tummy

Uda seed is also referred to as Negro pepper in English, Grains of Selim, in Yoruba Eeru Alamo, Erinje,  Uda in Igbo, and Chimba in Hausa.

Uda seed, usually referred to as Negro pepper, is a fragrant spice that has many incredible health advantages to give.

Negro pepper (Uda seeds) has a wide range of health advantages and applications, including as in food, medicine, and cosmetics. Additionally, the leaves, seeds, stem, and bark of the Uda plant are all beneficial in some way.

In addition to Nigeria, other African nations like Ethiopia, Cameroon, Senegal, and Ghana are also known for growing uda seeds.

Uda Scientific Name – Xylopia aethiopica

Colors: Green (Young) and Dark brown Matured

Shape: Small, cylindrical, resembling a bean pod.

Taste: The flavor is strong, sharp, and slightly bitter.


Negro Pepper Tree

Grains of selim tree are trees that are found throughout most of Africa, from the savannah to the humid tropical forest. The tree can grow as tall as 30 meters.


Is Negro pepper good for Man?

It also has anti-oxidants, it also enhances libido, and brain stimulation, boosts sperm motility, sperm count, and overall sexual health.


Negro pepper Benefits – Health Benefits of Uda Seeds

Due to the abundance of beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants in uda seeds, they have a wide range of beneficial health benefits. Below are some benefits of uda seeds for health:

Treats Digestive Issues

Uda seed extract’s anti-bacterial and anti-hepatotoxic properties make it a valuable tool for treating digestive problems like dysentery and diarrhea.

Negro pepper Boost immunity

The spice will improve the body’s immune system because it is an excellent way to prevent inflammation and illness. As a result, it is the ideal strategy to maintain bodily wellbeing and ward off disease’s future impacts. The same health advantages of pickled peppers that can also strengthen the immune system of the body apply here.

Negro pepper Combats Rheumatism

A generic word used to describe any illness condition that results in chronic pain and inflammation in the muscles, joints, and connective tissue is rheumatism or rheumatic disorders (as they are commonly known).

Uda seeds’ anti-inflammatory effects aid in the treatment of rheumatism and its accompanying discomfort.

Negro pepper Anti-Inflammation

Pepper has anti-inflammatory properties, which is one of its benefits. Consuming these uda seeds will therefore have the same impact in preventing inflammation and managing its symptoms. Both the discomfort and the swelling will be lessened by it.

Can Aid in Treating & Preventing Malaria

Due to Uda seeds’ powerful anti-malarial effects, it has been stated that they can both prevent and treat malaria.

Negro pepper Reliefs Headache

Crushed Uda seeds are traditionally administered directly on your forehead to relieve headaches and neuralgia.

Negro pepper Postpartum Tonic

Uda seeds are also useful for postpartum tonic, which is another health benefit. It will speed up relief and aid in reducing postpartum discomfort. Additionally, it is an effective natural remedy to restore wellbeing following birth and increase stamina. The same health advantages of melons during pregnancy also make them useful as a postpartum tonic.

Potentially Helpful For Epileptic Patients

Uda seeds are typically used to treat epilepsy and numbness. They can be administered as a mixture or chewed raw.

Excellent for treating skin problems

Uda seeds have a long history of use in traditional medicine to treat skin issues like rashes, boils, pimples, and more.


Rich in Anti-Oxidants

This seed contains a high level of antioxidants, similar to many other spices, particularly peppers, which can help prevent any negative effects that free radicals may have on the body. Additionally, it might aid in shielding the body from any harmful pollutants. The same health advantages of farro also make it a potent antioxidant.

Treats Other Respiratory Conditions

According to a few studies, uda seeds contain chemical components that can treat a variety of respiratory illnesses, including bacterial pneumonia and the common cold.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Enhance Breastfeeding

Some breastfeeding mothers use crushed Uda seed to boost milk flow and supply.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Relief Asthma

Uda seeds are a rich source of anti-inflammatory substances that can be used to stop asthmatic triggers and treat asthma episodes.

Can Aid in Treating Menstrual Issues

Uda seed has a long history of use in the management of menstruation problems. Uda has historically been used in some regions to treat amenorrhea and increase menstrual blood flow.

Possesses anti-spirochete qualities

The anti-spirochetal characteristics of uda seeds may be useful in treating diseases including syphilis, yaws, and others.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Treatment for bronchitis

The powerful natural remedy uda seed can be used to treat the respiratory condition bronchitis.

Assists With Diabetes Management

The herbal remedy uda is frequently used to treat diabetes.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Aids Weight Loss

Uda seeds can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and encouraging you to eat less calories on a regular basis.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Relief Toothaches

Due to its anti-bacterial characteristics, uda seed is a fantastic toothache treatment. Uda is actually a traditional mouthwash that has been used for a very long time.

Negro Pepper Benefits – Boost Hormone

Uda seeds are beneficial for enhancing the body’s hormonal system. It will improve the body’s system and aid in regulating hormone secretion. Additionally, it will enhance the digestive and metabolic systems.

Uda Seed Nutritional Value – Negro Pepper Benefits

The common Nigerian food cooked with Uda spices is delicious. Negro pepper provides a lot of nutrients in addition to its health advantages. Protein, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E, folic acid, limonene, and alkaloids are a few of the substances that they contain. It is important to note that not all of the health advantages discussed here have been scientifically proven.


Frequently Asked Questions About Negro Pepper (Uda Seed)


How Can I Use UDA Seed To Enlarge My Breasts?

Sadly, there is no scientific evidence to back up the usage of Uda seed for breast enlargement.

Is UDA Edible?

Yes! Negro pepper is edible, when crushed and used as a spice in cooking, uda are edible. Keep in mind that uda has a mildly bitter taste and should only be used in small amounts.

How Can I Prevent Pregnancy Using UDA?

After engaging in sexual activity with a male, consuming a glass of Uda water is supposed to help prevent pregnancy.

Does UDA Help Fertility?

Uda is bad for fertility since it has been found to have anti-fertility effects, particularly in men, according to study.

How Do I Cook With UDA?

Uda is used in cooking by being blended and added as a spice to food.

What Is UDA Seed Used For?

Uda seeds are used to season meals and create traditional medicines.

What Is The Health Benefit Of UDA?

Uda provides a wide range of health advantages because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, including the treatment of respiratory conditions, toothaches, skin conditions, malaria, rheumatism, and more.

How Do You Make Pepper Soup With UDA Seed?

Uda seeds should be blended before being added to boiling pepper soup. For an additional 10 minutes, boil the pot of soup over high heat. Finally, wash and add your preferred vegetable before allowing to boil for an additional two minutes. It’s time for your pepper soup.


What Are The Side Effects of Uda?

Consuming UDA in moderation can have its benefits, just like taking it in excess can have a number of negative effects, including the following:

Can cause abortion – Uda is thought to have been used by persons who intended to abort pregnancies, despite the fact that may be used as contraceptives are thought not to induce abortion. As a side effect, Uda seed has been tied to the use of abortions. However, there is no medical proof that uda seed causes miscarriage.

Menstruation May Be Affected: Xylopia aethiopica has effects that have the potential to disrupt a woman’s reproductive system. It may result in irregular and heavy menstrual cycles as well as decreased ovulation.

Aqueous extract from Negro peppers may be toxic to the body and damaging to the kidneys and liver.

Whenever you experience dizziness or nausea after consuming uda seed, it is best to avoid it for the rest of the day.

Speak with your doctor if you are taking any medications prior to consuming uda seeds.

is negro pepper the same as black pepper?

No! negro pepper is different from black pepper, they are two species of pepper.


Where to buy Negro Pepper – where to buy grains of Selim

You can buy your Negro pepper (Uda Seed) in the market or from African market online

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