Pineapple Peel Benefits – Health Benefits of Pineapple Peels


Pineapple Peel

Pineapple Peel Benefits – Health Benefits of Boiled Pineapple Skin | Pineapple Peels Juice

Do you discard the peel from your pineapple?  The rough non-edible skin/covering of this juicy, sweet, tropical fruit; interestingly, they are nutritious and healthy just like the inner pineapple pulp.

The truth is that eating pineapple peel can have a ton of amazing health advantages in addition to the pulp, which is often all that is consumed while eating this fruit?

Enjoy your pineapple water, as easy as it may sound, pineapple water is a powerful, effective approach to benefit from pineapple peels.


All You Need to Know About Pineapple Peels Benefits

The pineapple peel must be taken into account if you want to strengthen your immune system. The skin is abundant in vitamin C, much like the fruit.

Pineapples are a delectable tropical fruit that people eat all around the world. This nutritious fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, other nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. Its main ingredient is the bromelain enzyme, which is excellent for your body and health.

Pineapple peels contain a significant amount of the enzyme bromelain, which has been shown to have a number of remarkable health advantages.


Health Benefits of Boiling Pineapple Skin – Pineapple Peels Benefits


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Aids with reducing inflammation

Antioxidants and the enzyme bromelain, which helps to reduce inflammation, are abundant in pineapple. Additionally, by eliminating unhealthy cells from our bodies and breaking down proteins that keep fluids in the tissues after an injury, they promote speedier wound healing.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Improves Dental Health

You may maintain and improve your tooth health by boiling and eating pineapple. This is due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, which aid in battling oral bacteria and promote the health of our gums and teeth.

Additionally, the manganese found in pineapple peels is crucial for maintaining the condition of our teeth and gums. It aids in repairing and strengthening them.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Helps Prevent Arthritis

Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory component of pineapple, can combat and lower the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by lowering the swelling (joint swelling).


Health Benefits of Pineapple Skin – Reduces catarrh and cough

Pineapples have a high concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds that can help treat cough and catarrh. Pineapples can help you breathe by lowering the mucous that is obstructing your airways and relaxing the inflammation in your airways.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Improves digestion

Pineapples are excellent for the digestive system. It has high levels of the enzyme bromelain, which is essential for breaking down foods high in protein and enhancing digestive functions.

Taking this fruit can aid with stomach and digestive issues like constipation and bloating.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Helps Boost Immune

The pineapple’s peel high vitamin C content both prevents and treat infections. Bromelain and vitamin C have the ability to combat infections, heal wounds, stop coughing, and thin mucus as they generally support the body’s systems.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel – Aids Fertility

Usually, women who are trying to get pregnant pay special attention to their food. Because it contains beta carotene and bromelain, pineapple is very well-liked. A favorable environment for implantation can be created by reducing inflammation in the womb.

In addition to what pineapple can treat, drinking warm liquids like the tea or broth described below can help healthy fertility.

Health Benefits of Pineapple Skin – Promotes Healthy Blood

Bromelain aids in preventing blood clots, and pineapple juice’s copper content promotes the production of healthy red blood cells. Small amounts of potassium can balance out excessive amounts of salt and keep blood vessels healthy, allowing for stable blood pressure.

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Pineapple peel water benefits

The minerals in pineapple peel assist the body flush out toxins it acts as a good diuretic.


How to Make Pineapple Peel drink


  • 1 pineapple
  • Ginger (Optional)
  • Honey
  • Clean water


Instruction on How to Make Pineapple Peel Juice/ drink

Firstly, wash the pineapple, thereafter, cut the crown off and slice out the pulp from the peel.

Secondly, place the pineapple peel inside a clean pot. Pour in a enough water to cover the peels and allow it to boil (Add some slices of ginger optional).

Cook for about 30 minutes allow it to simmer after that allow cooling.

The moment it cooled, there are 2 ways of making this juice

  1. Transfer the peels to the blender, add your brown sugar (optional) or honey and blend, then use a strainer or sieve or strain out your juice
  2. No blending method-Just strain/sieve out the juice from the pineapple peels already boiled and add your honey and 2 tablespoons lemon juice stir and serve.

Whichever way you chose to juice out the peels is fine; simply ensure to filter the mixture and take only the drink/liquid part.

Your pineapple skin juice is ready.

Serve and enjoy!

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