Plantain and Pap for Breakfast – Plantains Recipe

Plantains Recipe

Breakfast is usually a good start for every family daily. Tired of thinking about what’s for breakfast every day? Think no more because you can start your day with these two nutritional combo-fried plantains recipe and pap/akamu.

Plantain and pap as breakfast gives you an energy that keeps you going all through the day without craving for side snacks; because of the complete combination of nutrients, it contains.

Plantain is a popular Nigeria food called ogede in Igbo, Ayaba in Hausa and Dodo in Yoruba. On the other hand, Pap which is also called Akamu in Igbo language, Koko in Hausa, and Ogi in Yoruba. These two combination is a delicious meal popularly eaten in most Nigerian home as breakfast.

Making this yummy meal is quite simple if you understand the principles or steps required to get it to a tasty dish. Plantains recipe and pap is a good way to start your day and it is usually filling.

Health benefit of plantain and pap

Plantain is rich in minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients like potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B6 and C, iron, magnesium, and fiber.

Fried plantain especially the ripe one with all its nutritional value is sumptuous and when you have a combo of pap/akamu with it; then is the sweetest breakfast any child or adult will want to have daily.

Pap is good for all ages more especially those that are recovering from ailments or babies that you want to start introducing food to.  Freshly made raw pap is better because you will get all the nutritional vitamins embedded inside of it.

How to Make Plantains Recipe and pap for Breakfast


Ingredients for Pap/Akamu/Ogi

  • ½ cup Raw pap
  • Milk
  • Sugar or Honey

Method of preparing Plantains Recipe

  1. First of all, wash your ripe plantains
  2. Secondly, Peel off the skin
  3. Cut to your desired shapes and sizes-cubes are what I prefer because children can easily eat without stress, but for this recipe slice slant.
  4. Add salt to taste (optional)
  5. Heat your vegetable oil in a frying pan-nonstick pan to avoid the plantain sticking on the pan
  6. When it has turned brown you remove it and is ready to serve.

Pap preparation

  1. Put your clean water to boil
  2. Dissolve your pap-make sure the lump is properly melted to avoid having seeds; and this process should not be watery but a bit thick.
  3. Pour your boiled water in the already dissolve pap and stop adding water once it has thicken
  4. Add sugar and milk to taste (optional); some people drink it that way because they want to get the sour-sweet taste.

Your breakfast is ready to be served. Plantain and pap is one meal that if given the chance one can even take it thrice daily. Though some people do this, my younger sister can drink pap for Africa-thrice daily and it serves as her juice.

Plantain and pap have really integrated into a household daily meal and it is loved by both the young and old alike. Enjoy this meal to the fullest and all its nutritional benefits and see yourself or baby glow…..

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