GTBank Food and Drink Festival 2019 – Highlights Day 4

The coming together of foodies across Lagos and its environs at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival was quite impressive.

The highlights of happenings on day 4 which is the last day of the events, consequently, it happens to be a public holiday. The turnout is extraordinary when compared with the previous year’s event, over the years this event hosted more than 450,000 people.

GTBank 2019 food and drink

Food tells a lot about us as a people, the food culture of various groups was well displayed, furthermore, this event made it easier for small entrepreneurial to converge and create business opportunities in the small food industry.

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Moreover, GTBank food and drink festival featured different sessions of master-classes by international chefs and food business experts.

The GTBank food and Drink festival first master-class was taken by Duff Goldman who mounted the podium speaking on “Icing your cakes”

The second Master-class session featured Jeff Mauro. The sandwich king Jeff Mauro took the session on “Making the Ultimate Sandwich”.

GTBank Chef Jeff Mauro

Keep counting, the third Master-class session is Melina Hammer speaking on “Guide to Great food Styling for Photography” they are all wonderful sessions.

Subsequently, the fourth Master-class is taken by Chef Raphael Duntoye speaking on “How to Achieve the Ultimate Sophistication Through Simplicity”

While the fifth session is clearly handled by Tregaye Fraser talking on “Afro Recipe Fusion for a New Culinary Experience”  

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Food and Drink

The food and drink exhibition creates a platform where small food merchants improve their culinary to international level, on the other hand, celebrate the Nigerian’s lively food culture.

It has all being fun all through the festival!!!

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