Amazing Health Benefits of Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice

Ofada rice popularly called local rice is very nutritious; it provides essential nutrients to the body and keeps it fresh and healthy at all times. Similarly, most Nigerian foods are not only delicious; they are also very beneficial to the body and one of such food is Ofada rice.

Basically, rice is a staple food in Nigeria and is eaten every day in most homes. Frequently, people tell me they can eat rice every day either as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Well, it’s better to say we are polished rice lovers which is so common; it undergoes many processes and leads to a great reduction in its nutritional value. Ofada rice near me is the likes of Ofada Hut and Ofadaboy.

However, eating this rice will help get rid of the diseases in our body system. But when we start looking at it as being expensive; you end up spending the money to buy expensive medicines when you get sick.

Meanwhile, what most people don’t know is that Ofada rice (unpolished rice) has health benefits more than polished rice.

The selenium in Ofada rice reduces the chances of colon cancer, while magnesium keeps bone healthy; and also contains insoluble fiber. Helps reduce the risk of gallstones and helps maintain a normal body weight.

Health Benefits of Ofada Rice

Ofada rice has many health benefits compared to polished white rice and not many people know about its benefits. This article will help you take a closer look at its health benefits as you include it in your diet menu.

  1. Favorite diabetic patients rice meal which gives the body a stable blood sugar level. Low Glycemic Index is very important for people suffering from diabetes. Since they wouldn’t want to consume meals that will increase their blood sugar; Ofada delicacy is healthy and very beneficial for people with diabetes.
  2. It’s a heart-friendly food that boosts normal heart rate; the rice contains bran oil which reduces bad cholesterol in the body (LDL low-density lipoprotein)
  3. Ofada rice contains a lot of micronutrients like fiber,  Phosphorus, selenium, and iron. it has calories, but with more vitamins and minerals than regular white rice with 200 calories. Ofada not only enhances the cellulose fiber content; but also carry a wide variety of color pigments that are good for health
  4. The rice is slow to digest, which keeps you satisfy and feeling very full for a long time; as a result of this, it reduces craving and sustains the body for a longer time as well.
  5. Perfect for Cancer prevention; the presence of selenium in Ofada prevents oxidative stress and plaque formation in the heart, protecting the body from cancer.
  6. Ofada rice helps in weight control, a perfect weight loss delicacy. Due to the high amount of fiber, the rice helps in easy digestion, which leads to weight control.


There is certainly no difference between Ofada rice and brown rice. It is unpolished and the rice grains still maintain its rice bran; making it healthier than you can imagine. In some Nigerian parties especially among the Yoruba’s Ofada recipe is a must found delicacy; serve with Ayamase sauce also known as Ofada sauce/stew.

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