Amazing Health Benefits of Saffron Threads (Kesar) Saffron Spice

Saffron threads
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Saffron threads are spice gotten from Crocus sativus flower generally referred to as “Saffron Crocus” while the style and the stigma structure of this flower are called threads.

The ancient Romans and Greeks use Saffron as an expensive perfume until recently; it is now being used as seasoning and coloring spices for food and confectionaries and widely accepted all over the world.

Saffron also called Kesar or Kashmiri is one of the world’s most expensive spices. The reason is because its mainly cultivated and equally harvested by hand, some of the petals and stigma are used to produce medicine. 

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In Nigeria, saffron threads are not so common in the market; but can be found in places like Spar, Malls, Shoprite, Indian Bazaar or you can order for it online.

Health Benefits of Saffron Threads Kesar

Saffron is used for cough: it a good medicine for cough and sore throat; it also helps relief pertussis known as whooping cough that such an individual finds it difficult to breathe.

Guard against cold: kaser is a stimulating tonic that is good for the treatment of cold and fever, to relieve cold a mixture of saffron in milk works perfectly.

Treat insomnia: are you finding difficult to sleep? Saffron is what you need to relax your nerves and enjoy good sleep.

Protect against cancer: the dark orange in saffron, soluble water carotene named crocin has been discovered to cause apoptosis a programmed cell death, in different types of cancer cells. Research has also revealed that saffron active components shows an ability to inhibit human cells malignant, not just inhibit cancerous cells only but doesn’t affect normal cells rather promote normal cell formation.

Improves memory: it helps to improve learning and retention of memory, it also good for Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related mental deficiency

Skin disease: is good for the treatment of psoriasis patches of abnormal skin is a kind of disease that affects the skin, it equally good for dry skin.

Perfect for delayed puberty: in slow and underdeveloped female children saffron spice is used to stimulate hormones in other to get good results.

Used for pain relief: it also being use as pain relief, relieves anxiety and mood control, and depression too that is why it is called the magical spice.

Saffron Improves Libido good Kaya Mata and Kaya Maza (Kesar)

Saffron is used as a powerful aphrodisiac substance that can increase sex drive, it helps to improve low libido and premature ejaculation in men, kesar act as a good sexual stimulant as it is being consume in dose.

Furthermore, women use saffron to treat menstrual cramps, in the same vein, premenstrual syndrome PMS, it is also used for infertility.

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