Christmas Tree – Home Decoration and Street Decoration

Christmas tree is that Balsam Fir, or Artificial tree decorated with ornaments during Christmas season, this evergreen Fraser tree helps beautify the home or street making it ready for the long holidays.

Traditionally, these green fir trees are being used when celebrating winter festivals thousands of years ago by Christians and Pagans, though signifying different meanings and believes. Christians use it as a sign of everlasting life in God while pagans use only the branches in home decoration making then think of spring to come during the winter solstice.   

The moment you buy an evergreen Christmas tree and the ornaments needed to really make it beautiful, the next step is choosing a point where it will be placed when decorated. If there are kids especially toddlers avoid placing it where they can drag down the tree or demolish the entire decorations.

Christmas Decorations

The tree comes in different beautiful colors like evergreen (pine green) and snow-white, the ornaments used are gold, silver, blue, red, white representing winter. Imagine found in Christmas decorations are Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, and finally the Star of Bethlehem, what a beautiful story told using a decorated tree.  

Christmas Tree Home Decoration

Below is a lovely photo of a Christmas tree home decoration

Xmas decoration

Christmas Tree Decoration Street

Christmas tree is also used in beautifying streets in cities and villages around the world with several lightings and ornaments, below is a decorating ideas of a picture on the street.

Christmas Tree
Photo courtesy of Benson
 Decorated tree

Merry Christmas!!!

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