Popular Northern Snacks That People Still Enjoy in Nigeria

popular snack for locals

Popular Northern Snacks That People Still Enjoy in Nigeria – Common Snacks In the North

Snacks that reminds me of growing up in the Northern part of Nigeria

The following is a list of popular snacks that people still enjoy virtually in every part of Nigerian and around the world.

They are basically popular snacks we ate in the north as children, Most of these snacks we don’t know their English names as at that time only the names they are called in Hausa Language.

However, these snacks are well-known local treats, It wasn’t the kind of candy you’d get in a supermarket or a store; instead, it was sold on the streets under different names.

Snacking popularity isn’t just expanding; it’s flourishing in all kinds of new and exciting ways, depending on where and how you look.

Hausa Snacks Names and The English Names

Kwakumeti – Coconut Candy

These are chewy, crunchy, and candy-like, and are made from coconut fruit. The coconut is thinly grated and fried in balls after being covered with caramel during the preparation process.

Coconut candy
Coconut candy

Depending on whether water is added or not, the color is either creamy, white, or golden-brown. The water determines the caramelized appearance.

Tsamiyar Biri – Licky Licky | Icheku | Black Velvet Tamarind

Black velvet tamarind fruit with yellow inner named licky licky, Awin, Ichecku, Tsamiyar biri is popular in your neighborhood or in your school.

Tsamiyar biri
Awin Benefits You Need to Know

Alewa Sweet – Color Fruit Sticks

I used to love Alewa or Alawa sweets, especially the colored ones when I was a kid. It’s just water and sugar, with a little food coloring mixed in for fun.

Alewa Sweet

Alewa Color Sweet

Charbin Mallam – Baba DuDu

Charbin mallam is a Hausa treat made with coconut and sugar that is then tied in pieces with nylon.

Charbin Mallam
Charbin Mallam -Baba dudu

Coconut sweets or Baba Dudu Candy are usually tied together to resemble a candy necklace.

Ridi – Sesame Seed Balls

Kantun ridi Sesame seed candy, also known as bene seed candy, is known as ridi in Hausa.

Ridi – Sesame Seed Candy

Fried Chinge – Fried Insects | Aku

These fried insects are popular local snacks, Insects are both nutritious and tasty.

Fried Chinge
Delicious Fried Insects

They can be fried, smoked, or dried in a variety of ways.

Masa “Waina” – Rice Pancakes | Rice Puff Puff

Hausa masa, also known as Waina, is a popular snack in northern Nigeria.

Rice Pancakes
Masa Waina

The vendor always had hot masa balls ready, which were made from rice and a few other ingredients.

Kulikuli – “Kuli Kuli” – Crunchy Peanut Snacks

Kuli-kuli is a popular West African snack consisting mostly of peanuts.

kulikuli Groundnut snack

Kuli Kuli is a crispy peanut snack prepared from dried and roasted nuts. Kuli Kuli is a quick and easy snack that may be enjoyed at any time of day.

Fried Fara – Fried Grasshopper | Edible Fried Insects

This fried grasshopper is a popular snack for locals, especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Fried Fara
Fried grasshopper

It tastes really good when it’s fried and served with Yaji pepper (Suya Spice)

Donkwa “Tanfiri”- Maize Peanut Balls

Donkwa is a roasted and dried maize peanut-based street food. It’s a street snack


Cotton Candy – Candy Floss | Aleewa

Cotton Candy

Alewa Gyada – Peanut Brittle | Groundnut Candy

Peanut Brittle is a peanut-filled smooth, flat candy (similar to toffee).

Groundnut Candy
Peanut Brittle

Tsamiya – Tamarind




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