Ginger Water Recipe Drink To Lose Belly Fat

Ginger water recipe is an ancient traditional recipe use for the treatment of nausea, pains, detox, in the same vein, boost the immune system with ginger water recipe as it increases the rate of metabolism and help lose belly fat.

ginger water recipe – The Healthiest Drink to Burn Fat

Ginger root is equally being used as seasoning flavor in making savory and spicy dishes worldwide as well as glace in sweet and baker confectionary we all enjoy in our various homes.

Moreover, why not start your day strong and energetic by drinking a glass of warm ginger water recipe every morning and lose belly fat faster than you can imagine.

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Health Benefits of Ginger Water Recipe

Help lose belly fat.

Drinking 1 glass of warm ginger water first thing in the morning before breakfast work wonders in your waistline, it increases the rate of metabolism and the body ability to absorb fat also regulate craving for food as a result helps lose belly fat.

Furthermore, in other to achieve faster result include exercise in your weight loss and lose belly fat plan, meanwhile, don’t underestimate the need for a balanced diet in your daily life since it also promotes good health.

Lower Cholesterol with Ginger water Recipe.

Ginger water helps lower cholesterol level, in other words, this root whether eating raw, juice or as a spice in food goes a long way to reduce bad LDL cholesterol level, basically blood pressure is also reduced so the risk of other heart-related diseases is been eliminated.

Regulate Blood Sugar with Ginger water recipe.

This ginger water does not only reduces weight and belly fat but equally beneficial when it comes to diabetic management and kidney, it contains potassium, zinc that is needed for insulin secretion as it helps regulate blood sugar. So include ginger root in your diet and is best taken first thing in the morning and the last thing at night hours before going to bed.

Improves Digestion

Above all the fiber content in this root aid good digestion as it also improves good bowel movement and a healthy digestive tract for optimal body function.

Stay hydrated with Ginger water.

Ginger water recipe forces you to take water in the morning in addition ginger root makes you tasty thereby increasing the rate of water consumption, remaining hydrated is necessary for proper body function


It is best used to reduce pain and swelling such as arthritis, headache, and fatigue in the body caused by inflammation.

How much Ginger Water to Drink per day

The total glass of ginger water to be taken per day is 2 glasses, that is to say, 1 glass is to be taking in the morning before breakfast. That is the best time to drink ginger water, likewise, another one at night 2 hours or more before bedtime.

Risk and Reactions of Ginger Water Recipe

Certainly, there is some risk and reactions attached to excess consumption of ginger water they are as follows;

  • Abdominal pain not as an underlying disease but as a result, of excess ginger water
  • To some individuals, it causes bloating for instance gas
  • It can cause acid reflux a problem resulting from heartburn
  • It can cause frequent watery stool  commonly known as diarrhea

Most importantly there is no clear indication or prove that ginger consumed during pregnancy to stop vomiting and nausea has a negative effect on the unborn child, for that reason ginger does not cause

  • Premature birth among pregnant women
  • Stillborn a situation whereby a baby is been lost before or after delivery
  • It doesn’t cause a neural birth defect in pregnancy
  • It does not  cause a heart defect

Subsequently, ginger is still being used as a juicy drink, flavor, and spice in so many homes where the women are pregnant but if you’re not certain kindly see a doctor. 

How to make ginger water for Weight Loss


  • 2 medium size ginger root
  • 4  cups of water


  1. First of all, wash your ginger root and peel off the skin after that use a grater to grate the root or a blender and blend to smooth.
  2. Secondly, get a pot or saucepan pour in the water bring to boil
  3. Thirdly, add the already blend ginger and boil for 5 minutes
  4. Remove from stove allowing to cool
  5. Finally sieve the ginger particles out of the water

Serve your ginger recipe either hot, cold or warm


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