Healthy Snacks- Breadfruit Ukwa & Palm kernel nut

Breadfruit ukwa with Palm Kernel nut popularly called Aki and Ukwa is a healthy snacks enjoyed by most people. Furthermore, breadfruit is a staple food in the South East region of Nigeria. Breadfruit is scientifically referred to as Artocarpus altilis, a member of the Moraceae family, this delicious food comes in season.

Healthy snacks

Fried breadfruit and palm kernel nut basically are healthy snacks on the go with the right nutritional contents excellent for optimal body functioning. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and, mineral. On the other hand, it has enough water in its natural form, and Fresh breadfruit seed is dark brown in color.

Fried breadfruit with palm kernel nuts is a super-pack healthy snack that should be included in your diet.

Health Benefits of Breadfruit – Healthy Snacks

Aids healthy digestion: The percentage of fiber in breadfruit aids digestion.  Secondly it’s perfect for proper bowel movement.

Lower blood sugar: Breadfruit has a moderate protein, high in light carbohydrate that can easily be converted into glucose that helps regulate and balances blood sugar level in the body. It is a super-food for the management of diabetes

Reduces Cholesterol: The high fiber and monounsaturated fat in breadfruit helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol level thereby the risk of heart diseases is also eliminated. The oil in this fruit is healthy for the heart.

Maintain Good Blood Pressure: The potassium content in breadfruit relaxes the blood vessels which certainly results to ideal blood pressure. Excess sodium causes hypertension and damages the kidney, potassium in this fruit helps normalize blood pressure.

Enhance Sleep: Vitamin and minerals, like magnesium helps reduces stress and relaxes the cells, in the same vein promotes good sleep.

Boost Brain Cells: Vitamins and minerals is healthy for the brain, vitamin B6 is very important for brain growth, above all increases chemicals that aids communication of nerve cells with each other.  

Palm kernel nut similarly, is a healthy snack with lots of fiber and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Recipe for Breadfruit

2 cups of breadfruit

1 cup of Garri

Method of Preparation

Put the garri on the pot and heat for like 2 minutes then add the breadfruit seed and fry together with the garri until dry

Remove from fire, allow to cool, sieve out the sand from the breadfruit, before removing the shell.

Healthy snacks Ukwa is ready serve with palm kernel nut.


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