Perfect snacks wet cassava chips- Bobozee, Abacha Mmiri

Perfect snacks like wet cassava chips are what you need in hot sunny harsh weather to relax your body. For instance, in the office, a healthy snack of wet cassava chip is necessary after going back and forth trying to accomplish the day’s task in the office. Wet cassava chips are gotten out of cassava root vegetable which is also called cassava tuber but scientifically known as Manihot esculenta.

wet cassava

Perfect snacks wet cassava chips has so many names that best describe it firstly, bobozee, abacha mmiri, akpu mmiri, tapioca, air condition and finally yuca chips.

Snacking as we all know is a small portion of food eaten in between a meal, however, perfect snack on wet cassava chips with coconut energizes you and increases metabolizing that enables you to work for more hours.

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Similarly, this root vegetable is of great value for those suffering from food allergies based on the fact that is gluten-free, nut-free as well as grain-free. Furthermore, cassava root is often cooked before eaten since raw cassava is very poisonous.  

However, it contains some important nutrient when boiled such as high carbohydrate, fiber, calcium, and protein. In the same vein, the vitamins and minerals are equally small.

Ingredient for wet cassava chips snacks

  • 5 large Cassava tubers (depending on quantity you want)

Best combine with:

  • Coconut 
  • Palm kernel nut
  • Roasted groundnut/peanuts

Methods of preparation

Wash our cassava tubers and peel off the skin

Place on a pot add enough water and cook for about 20 minutes ensure they are well cooked

 Remove from fire and allow cooling

Get a knife and slice all tubers in a long shape (cylindrical)

Soak on a large bowl with plenty of water covering the tubers overnight

The next morning, wash severally changing the water repeatedly, while washing rub gently on the palm of your hand. Each time you wash the water is tick and not bright continues until the water is plain in this case all the excess starch has been removed.

It can be eating with coconut, groundnut or palm kernel nut which ever suits you best

Get your coconut and remove the shell wash and slice

Finally your delicious snacks wet cassava chips is ready

Serve and enjoy a healthy snacks!  

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