Homemade Coconut Milk – How to Extract Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a rich creamy consistency extracted from fresh mature coconuts, moreover, it is an appetizing alternative to cow mike for those who are lactose intolerance.

Good dairy substitutes with healthy nutritional value, most importantly are a low carb drink like Tiger nut milk drink.

Fresh coconut milk is gotten from the thick white flesh of the coconut and it can also be eaten raw or used for coconut candy and other culinary recipes, on the other hand, coconut water is the juicy liquid inside a coconut.

coconut milk

In Nigeria, coconut milk extract is commonly used in cooking coconut rice, and other foods. Basically, coconut milk can either be thick or thin, the first set of squeezed milk is usually thick which is called coconut cream, after that, adding water to extract the remaining milk is known as the coconut thin milk.

However, making so delicious coconut milk at home is simple and easy and your family will love this milk especially the kids.

How to make coconut milk recipe


Tools Needed

  1. Hammer (or hard object for breaking)
  2. Cheesecloth (Akamu sifting cloth) or sieve
  3. Knife
  4. Grater or Blender
  5. Bowls

Method of extracting coconut milk

  • First and foremost, break the coconut using either a hammer or hard object, get a cup and place it and collect your coconut water, just go ahead and drink is very good and rich in nutritional content.
  • Continue to break into smaller portions, after that, use a knife and pry out the white flesh which is called coconut meat from the coconut shell.
chopped coconut meat
  • In a bowl of clean water pour all the coconut, wash and chop into small chunks, rinse and pour into a blender or other grinding machine, add warm water and blend to smooth paste form.
  • In case you don’t have a blender, after removing the coconut meat from the shell, wash and use a grater to grate your coconut it is so easy to grate.
blended flakes
  • Next step is to pour the blended coconut into a bowl, add warm water stir properly and cover for like 3-5 minutes.
  • Finally, drain out the milk using a sieve or cheesecloth, when using a cheesecloth pour the content into the cloth and squeeze with both hands in other to extract the milk thoroughly.
  • Furthermore, pour the back into the bowl and add warm water and squeeze out the milk again for the second time.

Coconut milk is ready either for cooking or as an alternative for dairy milk, refrigerate immediately, it is best serve chilled as a drink.

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