How To Make Beans Flour – Homemade Beans Powder

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How To Make Beans Flour – Homemade Beans Powder

Beans flour or beans powder is the flour processed from beans legume and it’s popularly called bean flour. It’s basically homemade because the beans are processed and ground into flour for easy usage at home. It is widely used in Nigerian, Ghana other African Countries.

Homemade beans flour is far better than the shop brands I can attest to this. There are no added ingredients, only pure beans. It could be immersed into a bean paste for easy use when cooking dishes like Moi-moi, Akara bean cake, and other cuisines. It’s a godsend, precisely when time is of the essence.


All You Need to Know About Homemade Bean Flour

Beans are seeds that belong to the Fabaceae family, which includes beans, legumes, and peas. Beans legumes are well-known for their nutritional value.

Beans have several benefits, including the ability to taste delightful when properly cooked, which is the more reason why lots of people are drawn to eating them on a regular basis.

To lower the risk of heart disease and other health issues, health organizations recommend eating a portion of beans every day.

However, if properly preserved, flour-based foods like yam flour (Amala flour), rice flour, Soya bean flour, plantain flour, wheat flour, cassava flour, corn flour, potato flour, and beans flour can last for months.

Beans powder is popular in homes, making beans flour, and other flour-based foods a profitable business that is on the raising.


How To Start Bean Flour Production Business In Nigeria?

Companies manufacture and process bean flour to suit increased demand or for commercial uses.

Meanwhile, you already have an increased ready-made market when you produce beans flour; so all you need is sell your product or distribute it to the foodstuff retailers selling in various locations in the market.

Beans powder is popular in homes, making beans flour, and other flour-based foods a profitable business that is on the raising.

Bean flour processing and manufacture is a goldmine that Nigerian businesses appear to have underestimated, if not completely disregarded. Not withstanding bean flour is so simple and easy to make.

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Health Benefits of Homemade Bean Flour – Beans Powder

  • A Healthy Food for Diabetes Patients, helps reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Contains Protein in abundance
  • Beans flour contains Fiber in abundance
  • Improves the health of your heart and reduces heart disease
  • Excellent Source of Iron
  • Zinc-Fortified
  • Folate is loaded in beans powder
  • Provided Magnesium
  • Contains Potassium
  • Helps maintains a Healthy Weight


How to Make Homemade Beans Flour – Beans Powder

Beans can be ground into flour in 2 ways:  (1) without the outer skin (2) with the outer skin.


  • 4-5 cups of Beans

How to Make Beans Flour Without the Outer Skin

  1. Firstly, remove any stones or unnecessary particles, thereafter, wash and remove the skin off the beans by using your hands, a blender, or a food processor.
  2. Drain using a strainer once everything is clean. Place the rice bag or mat in the sun or somewhere with plenty of air and spread the beans on the mat and allow to dry.
  3. Stir the beans around from time to time to ensure that all area of the bean is exposed to air and sunlight as its dries (Air dryer machine).
  4. The amount of time it takes to dry beans is strongly dependent on the humidity level in the area.
  5. It might take up to 5 days to 1 week for it to dry. Bean seed naturally is dry when you bite into it, and it cracks immediately.
  6. Simply take your beans for grinding to the market. The way they grind Bambara groundnuts (Okpa flour), moreover, dry beans require industrial grinders to process it into a fine powder. But if you have a very high-powered grinder, use it.

Keep at room temperature in a well-sealed container.

Method of Preparing Beans Powder – Beans Flour

How to make beans flour with the outer skin

  1. Place your beans on a wide tray depending on the quantity, and remove any stones or unnecessary particles.
  2. Sun-dry the beans and grind them using a heavy-duty machine to obtain a fine flour.
  3. Sift the flour with a sifter to remove the chaff and other particles.
  4. Place the flour in a bucket with a tight lid to keep it safe.

That’s everything you need to do for making bean powder without washing off the skin



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