How to Make Tiger Nut Pudding -Homemade Atadwe Milk

Tiger Nut Pudding

Atadwe Milk – Tiger nut Pudding

How to Make Tiger Nut Pudding -Homemade Atadwe Milk

Atadwe is one of the most widely available food in practically every region of the country.

Basically, tiger nuts, rice, and sugar blended together, then filtered many times, boiled to form a pudding, is actually what someone will like. However, for lactose intolerant people they will appreciate it much more as their stomachs will be at peace after consuming this food.

Tiger nuts are tubers with a wide range of health benefits, including healthy carbs, protein, vitamin E, and antioxidants. If you choose to chew and swallow the chaff, you’ll enjoy the benefits of fiber as well. Many of us are familiar with nut milk, which is a delicious drink, especially when cooled. The pudding is typically the nut milk.

Tiger nut aids in male erectile dysfunction, it is known to contain Vitamin E, which aids in the active movement of sperm to fertilize the eggs.

This is most likely what intrigues the males as it drives them to be obsess over the tiger nut.


Ghana Atadwe Milk – Tiger Nut Pudding

Atadwe Milk is a popular street drink in Ghana and a large number of Ghanaians are captivated with tiger nuts pudding.


Health Benefits of Tiger nuts

Aphrodisiacs are utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. However, for years, men in countries like Nigeria have utilized tiger nuts in treating erectile dysfunction, raise sperm count, and increase desire. Other amazing health benefits of Tiger nuts are as follows:

  • Its nutrients-dense
  • Tiger nut improves digestion
  • strengthen your immune system and aid in the fight against illnesses
  • Blood sugar levels may be reduced.
  • It has aphrodisiac properties.
  • Tiger nut helps boost your cardiovascular health


How to Make Tiger Nut Pudding -Homemade Atadwe Milk


  • 250g tiger nuts
  • cup rice, uncooked
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • Salt to taste
  • Evaporated milk (optional)

Directions on How to Make Tiger Nut Pudding -Homemade Atadwe Milk

  • Soak rice and tiger nuts separately in water overnight.
  • Rinse both the tiger nuts and the rice until the water runs clear. In a blender or food processor, combine all of the ingredients.
  • Blend in three cups of water until a smooth puree is formed. To extract the milk, pour tiny portions over a cheese or silk cloth and press gently.
  • Blend or process the remaining chaff. Blend the chaff again after adding two to three cups of water. Pour the liquid into a cheese or silk cloth and squeeze off any residual milk with a gentle press.
  • In a clean pot pour in the milk extracted, over medium heat, turn constantly in the same direction using a wooden spatula or egg whisk. Stir in your sugar or caramelized sugar syrup, as well as the salt.
  • Continue to stir until the liquid has thickened and no longer tastes uncooked thereafter, remove from heat and pour into a serving glass to chill.
  • Finally, serve with evaporated milk, either warm or cold.

Serve and enjoy!


How long can you keep Atadwe?

Atadwe can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

How to avoid a watery Atadwe – Tiger nut pudding

To prevent your tiger nuts pudding from being watery, from start to finish ensuring you stir on the same direction during cooking.


Tips on How to make caramelized sugar

In a cooking pan melt white sugar over medium heat with a continuous stir until it gets the proper dark caramel color.

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