Peri Peri Chicken – How to Make Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken – How to Make Nandos Piri Piri Chicken Recipe | Chicken Peri Peri Recipe

Nothing beats a good chicken recipe, especially when it’s spicy, with an awesome aroma and sensational taste. Peri peri chicken is just that. It has all the elements of a perfect spicy chicken recipe – spice, aroma from lemon and garlic, and wonderful taste from red onions and vinegar.

In case you aren’t aware, peri peri or piri piri is a pepper originally from Africa. The name comes from the sound people make when they eat it – “Piri piri” as it is spicier than most peppers. It has been popular in Portugal for centuries now, especially as part of the ubiquitous “cataplanas” meal – grilled fish with garlic, olive oil and red pepper paste called Piri-Piri.


What is Peri Peri Chicken?

Peri-peri is a spicy chicken dish from Portugal, which is now commonly found in South African restaurants. It has become popular worldwide because of the delicious blend of spicy and sweet flavors in one dish. Peri-peri could be slightly difficult to make at home but trust us on this one, it’s worth trying!

Peri peri chicken is usually baked or deep fried with a spicy sauce; however, we have found an easier way to make it. Here’s our recipe for how to make peri peri chicken at home that’s healthier and just as tasty!


Is peri-peri sauce healthy?

Eating spicy foods like peri peri peppers in moderation may benefit cardiac health. Lower incidences of cardiovascular illnesses have been associated to capsaicin, the bioactivator found in chilies.

What is peri peri chicken made of?

Actually a type of chili, the peri peri is also referred to as the African bird’s eye chili. Although we typically think of peri peri as the sauce itself, the seasoning is really made up of herbs, garlic, salt, paprika, and chilies, which are then combined with olive oil, lemon juice, and vinegar to create the sauce.

What goes well with Piri-Piri?

Peri-peri chicken goes great with salad, French fries, rice, fried plantains, potato wedges or chips, mashed potatoes, and it’s also great in wraps!


What exactly is Peri-Peri Sauce?

Peri-peri sauce is used as a seasoning or marinade, and the key ingredient in Peri-Peri sauce is birds-eye chili. This is what gives this dish its spiciness. It contains vitamins A, B, and C. Because birds-eye chili contains capsaicin, this spicy pepper is known to improve your mood.

The Peri-peri Sauce is made with peri-peri chilis, also known as birds-eye chilis. This sauce varies according to region (seasoning or marinade). Key ingredients is birds-eye chilis, garlic, oil, seasonings, and an acidic base such as lemon, lime, or vinegar.


What’s the difference between Piri Piri and Peri-Peri?

The Portuguese and some African languages use piri-piri, peri-peri, or peli-peli to refer to the African bird’s-eye chili. However, the Portuguese spelling of the term is “piri-piri,” the spelling variances result from the phrases from many African dialects.

Peri peri or piri piri is a pepper originally from Africa. The name comes from the sound people make when they eat it – “Piri piri” as it is spicier than most peppers. It has been popular in Portugal for centuries now.

Is Peri Peri chicken good for weight loss?

If you’re attempting to lose weight, treating yourself to a tasty Nando’s chicken is fine. The good news is that many Nandos dishes are under 500 calories, so you can still lose weight while enjoying some wonderful Peri Peri chicken.

What does peri peri chicken taste like?

Peri Peri Chicken is quite tasty and slightly spicy thanks to the peri peri sauce, but not to an overwhelming degree. With some blooming heat with hints of chilies, herbs and garlic.


Did you know that peri peri chicken is a Portuguese dish?

Well Nando’s, a popular fast food chain, is known for serving delicious peri peri chicken with their famous side dishes of kale and sweet potato chips daily. If you didn’t know this yet, we have some interesting information for you. Peri peri chicken, or spicy chicken as it’s also known as, is a very simple, but extremely flavorful dish to make at home.


How to Make Peri Peri Chicken Recipe – Nandos Chicken Peri Peri


  • 1kg chicken legs (drumsticks)
  • 5 birds’ eye chilies
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 Onion small
  • 1 tablespoon thyme
  • 2 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 bouillon cubes

Instructions on How to Make Peri Peri Chicken

  1. First is to marinade, but before then blend all the ingredients together except the chicken.
  2. Secondly, in a large bowl pour the marinade over the chicken; after that use your hands to massage the marinade into the chicken. Cover and leave it in the fridge for at least 1 Hour or overnight – the longer it stays the better.
  3. Thirdly, arrange the chicken in the baking pan then pour the remaining marinade in the bowl over the chicken to coat very well. Then put it in a 350°F oven.
  4. Finally, bake your peri peri-peri chicken for 30 minutes, flip the chicken over and brush with some marinade, then allow to cook for another 30 minutes.
  5. Yummy! peri peri chicken is ready, off the oven and allow to sit for additional 3 minutes.

Serve and enjoy hot and spicy.

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