Nigerian Breakfast food with Benefits – Akara and Pap

Breakfast food

Popular Nigerian breakfast food akara and pap are stapled food; akara is a fried bean cake while pap is processed maize when prepared with boiled water turns into a slightly liquid form. Meanwhile, Pap is also called akamu, ogi, or koko in different Nigerian dialect, on the other hand, akara… Continue reading

Akara Nigerian Food – How to Make Akara


Akara is one of Nigerian food for breakfast made with beans, although some have it as snacks while others have it for dinner; akara is tasty and delicious food. Bean cake, Akara is also known as kosia in Hausa language, bean cakes, Acarajé, beans fritas, beans balls, is a recipe… Continue reading

Nigerian Breakfast – Toast Bread and Chicken


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is better to choose a good breakfast meal, in other words, healthy breakfast like toast bread and chicken with a cup of tea or coffee. In Nigerian simple breakfast recipe is what people look out for when considering what… Continue reading