Nigerian Breakfast food with Benefits – Akara and Pap

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Akara and Pap – Akara and Ogi | Akara and Akamu | Akara (Bean Cake) | Pap and Akara Recipe

Popular Nigerian breakfast food akara and pap are stapled food; akara is a fried bean cake while pap is processed maize when prepared with boiled water turns into a slightly liquid form.

Meanwhile, Pap is also called akamu, ogi, or koko in different Nigerian dialect, on the other hand, akara is called àkàrà in Yoruba, kosai in Hausa language, Beanballs, Bean fritas and Acaraje in Portuguese and Brazil.

Pap, ogi, or akamu is a known baby food because it is used to complement breast milk the moment a child clock 6 months; they are introduced to akamu by most nursing mothers in Nigeria.

Similarly, pap is a healthy diet for all either young or old, not minding whether you’re rich or poor; pap is a food that doesn’t go wrong just like custard, is an easily absorbed meal.

Akara is beans that have been processed into a paste form with other ingredients like, onion, pepper, salt, and fried into bean cake, bean balls or kosai like my people calls it.

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Amazingly, Acaraje has great commercial importance in Nigerian, basically, at every strategic point you will surely see someone selling akara; is a good business for both the seller and buyer, since the seller makes a profit out of it while the buyer satisfies his/her stomach.

 Health Benefits of Akara and Pap Breakfast Food

1. Akara and papa is a good breakfast food with benefits

 Akara, which is made from beans, is a good source of protein and the body needs protein to build and repair tissues, protein is also used to make hormones, enzymes, and other body chemicals.

Protein is an important building block of muscles, bones, cartilage blood and even skin. In the same vein, pap is an energy giving food required for optimal body function.

Akara is equally an ideal food for those highly engaged in brain work because of its vitamin B1 content (thiamin) helps the brain to function properly; so your children need it more.

Corn contains linoleic acid which is discovered to significantly reduce the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke; linoleic acid is usually found in plant-based nuts and seeds.

Breastfeeding mothers take pap regularly in other to increase the flow of breast milk; secondly, pap is the easiest food and well-tolerated food to eat for those who are sick as well as those recovering from ill health.

2. Nigerian cheapest breakfast food – Akara (Bean Cake) and Pap

Akara and pap is cheaper and quite affordable compared to tea and bread, oatmeal and plantain, golden morn and the likes for breakfast.

Most importantly, the little money on your hand can conveniently buy you a great meal for breakfast.

3. Healthy and ideal breakfast food – Akara and Pap

Pap and akara is an ideal breakfast food which is certainly healthy and light after eaten, heavy meals are not a good breakfast idea, that is to say, desist from such since is not healthy. 

4. Surprising nutritional benefits– Akara and Ogi

Balance diet is very essential, pap, corn grain is a healthy carbohydrate food; whereas, beans are legume plant-based protein, as you can see it’s an excellent combination that enables adequate functioning of the body.

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