Tea and Bread with Sardine – Bread and Sardine Recipe

Tea and Bread

This Tea and bread with sardine is a fast and simple method to enjoy sardines with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

On a Saturday morning I was hungry, I decided to stare down my pantry guess what I saw canned sardine wow! Don’t be frightened if you are afraid of sardines. The sardines themselves have a flavor and texture similar to tuna, but perhaps even better in this situation.

Bread and sardines is one of the fastest meals available in Naija breakfast cuisine, and I’d like to assume that it is also available in other countries. Even while presenting a meal of bread and sardines may appear straightforward, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind if you want to enjoy a delicious meal with your bread and rich oily canned sardines. If you appreciate bread as much as I do, you’ll agree that it works well with a wide variety of foods.

This was one of those periods when you could buy a variety of canned sardines, whether boneless and skinless, packed in oil, tomato sauce, or mustard. I prefer mine packed with olive oil and don’t mind if they’re boneless or skinless.

Did I mention that sardines are beneficial for you when consumed in moderation?

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Things You Need to Know About Tea and Bread with Sardine

Check the tin for an expiration date and make sure the goods were kept in a safe atmosphere the entire time. You don’t want anything more to enter into your stomach that shouldn’t be there.

 Keep a medium or small loaf of bread nearby. It is preferable to use any soft and fresh bread will serve.

Always use a plate to empty your sardines. A bowl will also be good so that the sardine oil does not pour. The plate helps to give a nice presentation of your fish.

Tea is an excellent beverage. Use milk and any cocoa beverage. The quality of your tea should be determined by your stomach’s reaction to this meal. Make a high-quality tea (what my Naija people call a “thick” tea) if you’re worried about your digestion slowing down after eating bread and canned sardines. Your stomach would be less prone to constipation because of the tea’s sweetness. In the meanwhile, don’t make your tea too thick if you’re worried about diarrhoea.

Tea and Bread with Sardine – Bread and Sardine Recipe


  • 1 canned sardine (3 whole sardines)
  • 1 small size soft bread
  • A cup of tea or hot chocolate


First and foremost, pour 2 glasses of water into a kettle or pot and boil for your tea or hot chocolate. The moment your water boils make your tea.

Secondly, open the canned sardine and pour it into a clean plate

Finally, remove the bread from the nylon and place it beside your sardine.

Serve and enjoy your breakfast meal!


Before you begin and after you finish eating, make sure you wash your hands properly. I had a wonderful breakfast of bread and sardines, and it was fantastic!

Moreover, Bread and sardines may be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or supper; when do you prefer to eat yours?

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