Banana Smoothie – Banana smoothie Recipe and its health benefits

There is this drama in my house about a banana. As kids each time mum is dressing up for work. I and my siblings always put up a request asking mummy to buy me a banana. it got to a point she could no longer tolerate it, she asked what is a banana? My brother answered saying a banana is a fruit and herb. Here comes the next question, is banana good for you?  Yes was a chorus answer; moreover, we all gave her and we love eating a banana daily. This fruit is best enjoyed with fried groundnut.

Banana Smoothie

A homemade banana smoothie is another delicious way of taking this fruit with mash groundnut sprinkles on it.

Basically, banana is an edible fruit and a household name in Nigeria virtually every family enjoys eating a banana; knowing how healthy it is to their lives. Hardly will you travel from the Eastern part of Nigeria to Lagos without buying this fruit at Ora town. Banana Smoothie is super rich in vitamins and minerals that make it easier for consumption; Banana properties are numerous to talk about.

Banana is best serve as breakfast, as a side dish, or as a dessert.

Types of banana               

  • Cavendish – this is the popular one we all know.
  • Lady Finger – the native banana
  • Apple – or Manzano Bananas
  • Plantain – this is the normal plantain we cook or fries.
  • Burro Bananas
  • Red Bananas

Health Benefit of Banana Smoothie

  • Banana heart health: People ask how healthy are bananas? it is a heart-friendly fruit; packed with potassium and low in sodium mineral content. It guards your cardiovascular system against high blood pressure; potassium in the banana keeps arteries flow effectively.
  • Mood and Depression Changer: Banana smoothie contains an essential amino acid that helps improve mood and combat depression. banana vitamin B enables you to sleep well; likewise, think right while magnesium aids muscles relaxation.
  • Digestion and bowel movement: The fiber in one banana works wonders in your digestive tract. Chase away constipation makes you full and reduces craving; banana dietary fiber sustains a good bowel movement.
  • Energy: The nutritional content in a banana is high; the vitamin C in this fruit guard against damaged tissue and cells. it also replaces lost energy after exercise; the minerals in bananas help in combating anemia. Banana is a healthy diet for all ages.

Recipes for a Banana smoothie

  • 2 Ripe bananas
  • 1 apple
  • 2 spoons of groundnut (mashed)

Method of Preparation

Wash banana and apple, chop into a blender add water. Blend for about 5 minutes for a smooth mixture and serve in a glass cup with mash groundnut sprinkle on top.

Serve and enjoy.

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