Boli or Bole food – Nigerian Roasted Plantain


Roasted plantain is a street food in Nigeria popularly called Bole and pronounced as boli in Yoruba language, the Yoruba’s love eaten boli with groundnuts though is a very delicious snack.

In Port Harcourt bole is usually eaten with fish and spicy pepper sauce, while the people from Southwest love eaten their boli with roasted groundnut and in the Eastern part of Nigerian roasted plantain Ogede, is mainly eaten with palm oil sauce mixed with oil bean (Ugba/Ukpaka).

Basically, there are different ways on how to make boli either with frying pan, oven grill, charcoal grill, or microwave of both unripe and ripe plantains, the end result still turns out beautiful anyway. 

Certainly, there are people who like to bake plantain in foil paper, while some bake plantain with skin, whichever method suits you better go ahead and prepare a sweet bole food.

Never the less, boli are seen as a street snack that can as well be prepared at home and be enjoyed by the entire family with (peanuts) roasted groundnuts, pepper sauce with fish, or palm oil sauce with oil bean (Ugba) and utazi leaf this is yummy.

How to Make Roasted Plantain Boli or Bole Recipe

There are several ways you can enjoy plantains apart from boiling and frying, roasting is one of such and it is equally healthy and nutritious 


  • Plantains (unripe or ripe)

Serve with

Method of preparing Boli or Bole food

  1. First of all, trim both edges and slit one side which makes it easier to peel the coat.
  2. Secondly, preheat your oven grill at 150ºC, in case you are using charcoal grill heat up the charcoal, after that, place the plantains on the grill and roast.
  3. Thirdly, ensure you turn by flipping it over every now and then until both sides is properly cooked/roasted.
  4. At this point your yummy and delicious bole food is ready

Serve and enjoy!

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